Exclusive: Talking With TitanMen’s New Exclusive Eric Nero About Sex On Military Bases, and Deep-Sea Diving

This interview with Titan’s new exclusive was done by new Sword contributor Danny Zee. Welcome, Danny.

There is a new hunk that’s just been added as an exclusive model to the TitanMen stable named Eric Nero, and as Sword readers already decided after his debut in February, he is ridiculously sexy.

The 27-year-old is a deep-sea diver by trade, stands at 6 feet tall with a lean, ripped, furry body, has amazing eyes and, well, you just can’t help but notice his horse-hung cock! Eric recently sat down with me for an exclusive interview for the The Sword and let me film some exclusive Behind The Scenes footage, so let’s dive right into it!

Danny Zee: What are your stats (height, weight, age, dick size)?

Eric Nero: Just under 6’0. When I first filmed with Titan last summer I was around 160 pounds but now weigh in at 180. I am 27, turning 28 in May, and my dick is about 8.5-9 inches and uncut

So you’re a diver by trade? How did you get into this line of work?

I am an engineer diver, which is basically a fancy “my head is up my own ass” way of saying that I’m an underwater construction worker. I build, inspect, maintain, and repair anything from bridges and dams to piers and pipelines. The job also encompasses underwater cutting using plasma and Croco torches, underwater welding, salvage, and demolition. I pretty much work 24-7 for six months at a time, and then have six months off at which point I work from my home and wood shop outside of Boston. I am fortunate in that I’m successful at my job and able to spend so much off time building all sorts of things from tables and picture frames, to bureaus and bird houses all because it simply brings joy to my life. It’s very therapeutic.

When and how did you decide to do porn?

I decided that I wanted to do porn in the winter of 2014. I filled out an online application through the TitanMen website, attached my pics, and to be completely honest never in a million years thought that I would hear anything back about it. But I’m glad that Jasun and everyone at Titan saw something they liked in me — and a 9-inch uncut dick doesn’t hurt. I’ve been described as a kind of wayward person that goes about things in my own unique way, very spontaneous with a major case of wanderlust and an affinity for danger and adventure. At the time I sent my application to Titan, I was on a job that required I live a very structured and regimented life which drives me up the wall. I get very restless with the monotonous and doing porn was my way of breaking the mold.

What made you decide to go ‘exclusive’ with Titan Media? What can your fans expect from you?

Yah know, Titan offered the opportunity and I said ‘Fuck it, why not?’ I had been looking for more work, and the fact that Jasun and his entire crew happen to always be such genuine gentlemen made signing with Titan very easy.

And I have fans?!? Well the fans can expect to see me having fun making porn, getting railed out by some of the sexiest men in the industry. I may lay some pipe from time to time as well.

Eric in a scene with Ricky Decker in TitanMen's Pacific Coast.
Eric in a scene with Ricky Decker in TitanMen’s Pacific Coast.


Do you have any advice for guys that want to do porn, especially those that might want to work for Titan?

The greatest thing to me is when a person is unapologetically themselves. No filters and no fronts. I think that when a guy is being real, being who he is and not how others may want to perceive him, he is at his sexiest. To quote Robin Williams as the genie in Aladdin, “Just beeeeee yourself.”

How long to you plan to stay active in the porn?

As long as people still want to see me making porn

What is your ethnic background?

100 percent Greek.

Okay let’s get personal: What’s the sexiest thing in your closet?

I’ll switch it up on y’all go with the lack of something in my closet, and that would be underwear. Nothing hotter than being able to see the complete outline of a guy’s junk through his slacks, unrestricted, with easy access.

Where’s the most unusual place you’ve had sex?

At the close of my last deployment I ended up leaving the Combat Out-Post (COP) I had been on and stopped off at a major airbase for a week or two, waiting to fly home. I went from being with the same 100 or so guys out in the middle of nowhere on this tiny COP where you could walk from one side to the other in less than three minutes, to a base in Afghanistan that housed 40,000 people with wi-fi (ahem, Scruff and Grindr), coffee shops, and Burger Kings. I scoped out a fellow soldier checking me out in the shower that recognized me from one of those hook-up apps and naturally he ended up railing me out in his chew a few times while I was there. I’m talking about a pent-up, no-sex-for-the-past-nine-months, angry, hate fuck. It was hot. And the guy was built like a brick shit house with a great 7-inch thick uncut dick too boot. We still keep in touch and whenever we are in the same part of the country we make it a thing to meet up somewhere and re-live those wild Afghanistan Nights.

What place would you most like to be filmed in a porn scene, and why?

On [Illinois governor] Mike Pence’s kitchen table. Wouldn’t mind dirtying his fine china.

Any other performer you would like to work with, who is your fantasy TitanMan?

Hunter Marx is a sexy fucker, and I would let Matt Stevens do some very dirty things to me.

Is there currently a special someone in your life? And how does being a porn star affect your (off-screen) relationships?

In the past four or five years I have lived in six different states and spent a considerable amount of time abroad. Looking into the future I do not foresee myself slowing down, and to be honest I haven’t met anyone yet that I would be willing to take on this ride or anyone that would be willing to join me. However, in my travels I have met some amazing, sexy, beasts of men that have brought an immense amount of joy and pleasure to my life. Men that I keep in touch with and years after meeting still visit and have a great time with every time.

Having a big dick is often the first thing people notice, but what do you think is your other best, perhaps even overlooked, body part?

My eyes.

What is the most spontaneous or adventurous thing you’ve done?

I would have to say free diving with hammerhead sharks off the coast of Costa Rica.

What does the immediate future hold?

I will be moving back home to Boston from the nine-month stint that I’ve been doing down here in Louisiana.

Eric in his latest scene with Nick Prescott in Hard at Work.
Eric in his latest scene with Nick Prescott in Hard at Work.

To wrap this up, where do you see yourself 5 years from now, 10 years?

I would like to pair up with a great architect and establish my own dive engineering firm that focuses on both design and construction, however there is a part of me that just wants to have a farm out in the Appalachians in western North Carolina, where I can raise horses, goats, chickens, ducks, maybe have an alpaca or two up in the mix, and just grow a bunch of pot and spend my time hand crafting custom furniture and picture frames from wood and metal. Have a great man by my side sharing our lives together doing whatever makes us happy.

Eric appears in Titan’s latest Hard at Work. His scene with fellow TitanMen Exclusive Nick Prescott is available now at TitanMen.com. Right on the heels of this performance you can see Eric next in the May 6th release Catch-22 in an epic flip-fuck with Adam Herst.

Below, a couple of exclusive behind-the-scenes clips from the set of Hard at Work.



[TitanMen: Hard at Work]


19 thoughts on “Exclusive: Talking With TitanMen’s New Exclusive Eric Nero About Sex On Military Bases, and Deep-Sea Diving”

  1. Eric,
    Do you yourself prefer a man with a big dick. Or rather him be his self, and confident in him self. And inner beauty will shine through. I think you are freaking so gorgeous, I don’t think I could take that dick. But would be willing

    1. Eric,
      Do you yourself prefer a man with a big dick. Or rather him be his self, and confident in him self. And inner beauty will shine through. I think you are freaking so gorgeous, I don’t think I could take that dick. But would be willing. Would be amazed if I even got a reply from you, Eric Nero

  2. I like this guy not so much with the hairy chest but how he answered those questions which showed he was an educated one compared to others..

    1. And Bruce Rauner is the governor of Illinois, but I’m sure he meant Pence since Indiana has been in the national news lately with its’ homophobia!

  3. Hunter Marx and Matt Stevens? Well for scenes you screwed yourself on that wish after you signed a Titan exclusive contract! I don’t think Hunter will be filming with Titan again since he left his exclusivity there, and Matt Stevens will never get hired by Titan again since they have a policy of not hiring models that have knowingly performed bareback, unless they change that policy. He’ll have to wait until probably next year to get a chance to work with them in studios since he’s currently in the middle of a 6-month break and he might not be able to be free to shoot porn until the end of the year. But he’s free to find them to have some personal time with them! Matt Stevens I believe lives in Miami. Not sure where Hunter lives.

    1. Titan still shoots with Hunter Marx. They were posting a bunch of Instagram and Twitter pictures of a shoot they did with him two weeks ago. I asked about that and they said that he’s a “co-exlcuisve” with Raging Stallion. I didn’t know that was even possible but apparently it is.

    2. I remember seeing a couple of scenes with stars that have done bareback before, but maybe they were shot before the bareback ones were released.

    1. Titan is famous for that. Jesse Jackman apparently has a masters degree in Japanese and works in software. Dean Flynn has a math degree. And Dirk Caber is a classical musician. Titan hires older guys so most of them have “real jobs.”

      1. Sorry dear, but I know from first-had experience: “classical musician” is not a real job unless you’re fortunate enough to be in a union orchestra that tours for three months in the summers (because otherwise you’re unemployed from the end of May to mid-September) barring a festival orchestra gig. As a composer, a regular job would be as a Composer-in-Residence for an ensemble or some such, otherwise classical composers are effectively freelancers going from commission to commission.

        1. Maybe we have a different definition of “job.”

          My brother is a classical musician and he makes a pretty nice living doing session gigs. Some last a day, some last 6 months. But he makes a lot more than most people do working 9-5 Mon-Fri jobs.

          Yes.. Freelancers going from “job to job” is still a “job skill” that makes him “money.”

    2. Well, maybe for the same reason that Jennifer Hudson’s babydaddy (David Otunga) got a J.D. from Harvard Law and then decided to join the WWE as a wrestler.

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