Here’s Jon Hamm’s Large Penis

Not a shadow, not a crease in the pants, and not Photoshop. It’s all dick! And balls. Jon Hamm went shopping at Barney’s (maybe for underwear?) in NYC yesterday, and these are the best pictures of anyone shopping I’ve ever seen.

Enlarged pictures of Jon Hamm’s big dick, and from different angles:

Click to enlarge.

[Splash via Dlisted]


11 thoughts on “Here’s Jon Hamm’s Large Penis”

    1. It’s also a “DAMN shame” when people gossip. I didn’t see any children present in those photos and neither did you. So unless you have proof kids were around, then stop spreading bullshit.

    2. Im confused, he’s wearing trousers walking down the street with his girlfriend, why is it a “damn shame walking round like that in public with kids around”??
      Should a handsome man with what looks like a huge suckable cock not walk down the street in case children are staring at his huge suckable cock? Why would a child be staring at a strangers crotch?
      You’re a freak!

  1. Gayzer — that’s what the jocks in school called you when they caught you staring at their junk.

    Sadly, I’m quite familiar with the term (although now I wonder ‘what’s all the fuss ?’ … on the internet you can seen plenty of nekkid men without having to deal with the pants.

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