James Jamesson Got His Hair Did


The ginger power top can do no wrong when it comes to doing his hair. Short, long, mohawk, and even corn rows; it all works. Few people can pull off so many looks! Of course, if you’re a muscular redhead who can suck your own dick, you could have pigtails and it’d be fine with me.

Here’s how James Jamesson’s hair has progressed throughout the year at Next Door Male, including stills from his recent shoot with Rod Daily and shots from last September’s GayVN/Folsom weekend when he had corn rows:





And, my favorite James Jamesson moment of the year, when he gave himself a facial:


[Next Door Male: James Jamesson]


11 thoughts on “James Jamesson Got His Hair Did”

  1. I like his hair any which way, but prefer James Jamesson with a hairy chest. Glad that Next Door Pass is giving him his very own site too. Then, I might consider joining again!

  2. He cut his hair like this months ago on the ND shoot. He’ll probally be the next ND exclusive after Brandon Lewis site launches since he’s just the kind of Gay4pay guys that they like. They seem to think the autofellatio thing is kinky and edgy. For the record if Cody Cummings is willing to do it then just be assured its become as vanilla as ice cream.

  3. Its a shame he can’t look and see which two look good on him. If you look left to right with the 3 dif styles it look like he ages at least 10-15 years.

  4. I still remember shaking his hand at the End-Up before the GayVNs!

    oh, wait, no. he shoved my hand down his pants and rubbed his cock with it.

    “nice to meet you!” regardless.

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