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Kyler Ash Rides JJ Knight’s Dick Like A Pride Float

Especially given the facial JJ’s drenches him with, “float” is as much the operative word as “ride.”

Gorgeous guys raring to fuck spilled from the festival into the Castro. The Beaux especially is slammed with Pride party-goers.

Falcon Studios Group exclusive JJ Knight and Kyler Ash only need to exchange one glance before ducking into the bathroom stall. The resulting pounding even drowned out the blaring music. While the load resulting from the pounding almost downed Kyler as “Wild Weekend Part Two” from Falcon continues their celebration.

jj knight kyler ash wild weekend falconFirst, it was Josh Conners. Then Ken Rodeo. Today Kyler Ash is the latest to find out the only thing bigger than JJ Knight’s dick is what a cum cannon it turns into once he pulls out from the asshole and aims it at the pie hole. Kyler Ash looks like a bae in the woods, but especially when it comes to a dick with a hood, the bigger and the harder the better. Saying he gets his fill of both today is an understatement.

jj knight kyler ash wild weekend falconJJ’s friend and roommate Wesley Woods sneaks a peek over the stall wall, but JJ and Kyler are having too much fun to notice. In his scene with Liam Cyber at GuysInSweatpants, Kyler told him to, “choke me again.” JJ doesn’t need to use his hands. The girth of his cock is more than enough to choke Kyler today.

2-ashknightKyler’s perfect butt is too delicious for JJ to resist. He plies it first with his tongue, then with his dick, pounding Kyler until he’s up against the tile wall.

jj knight kyler ash wild weekend falconSoon Kyler’s cock is bouncing in the air as he rides JJ’s fat meat. Kyler’s jacks a huge load as he bucks up and down, then hits the deck in time to get hit in the face.

jj knight kyler ash wild weekend falconThat sticky load gives “sealed with a kiss” it’s sexy visual yet as this “Wild Weekend” just keeps a cumming.

[Watch Kyler Ash and JJ Knight in “Wild Weekend Part 2” scene three]

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