Marc Dylan

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–Meet Your Favorite Gay Porn Stars of 2011: Marc Dylan

–Four scenes of Marc Dylan this week
–MARC DYLAN Is Queer Me Now’s Favorite Gay Porn Star of 2011
Valentin Petrov fucks Marc Dylan in Right Here/Right Now.

And that’s just in the past six days.

I tried to come to terms with the muscular power bottom’s overexposure back in October, but things have gotten even more wildly out of control since. Mega site and all the Haze Cash sites down in Florida have released (and I’m not exaggerating) over 80,000 Marc Dylan scenes in the past three months. Lucas, Falcon, Hot House, Titan, and even Treasure Island have all shot him at least once. Marc Dylan is presenting at the Cybersocket Awards, hosting the XBIZ Awards, producing the Grabbys, writing an op-ed on Occupy Wall Street’s impact within the gay community for The Advocate, performing as a backup dancer for Madonna during the halftime show at the Super Bowl, and—at this point it’s still a rumor—taking over for Regis Philbin at Kelly Ripa’s request. Do I give up and join the club (oh, by the way, there is literally a Marc Dylan fan club), or do I resist? Is it even possible to resist? Is what he’s doing actually any good, or is he everywhere simply because he is so nice to look at? Can Marc Dylan save the gay porn industry? Can Marc Dylan save the world?

Marc Dylan, the Black Eyed Peas of gay porn.


[Jocks: Right Here/Right Now]


64 thoughts on “Marc Dylan”

  1. Some men were put on this earth to get their ass fucked. I think we should be thanking the good lord above that this boy knows his life’s purpose…. To get as many men off with his ass as he can. Some people do not find sluts hot. I for one love to see a hot boy let any man fuck him, and would love to be the last one in after a long, long, line of men. His hole all sensitive after the massive assault he has gotten. So Marc, keep going… keep that ass going until they crown you king of the gang bang bottoms. Be good, and if you cant be good, take pictures or get it on video.

  2. @gaypornoholic. I agree and I don’t think there is anything wrong with the guys who film a lot. If they enjoy it and people still want to see why not ? And if someone doesn’t want to see , just don’t watch right ? Thank u for the really sweet comment

    1. Marc I love you and don’t think you are overexposed AT ALL. There are models who have as many scenes as you and maybe more but for some strange reason the focus is still on you. In fact I think you’re one of the best things that happened to gay porn in a while. A muscular guy who loves to bottom and isn’t shy about it, that everyone is crazy about and who’s actually GAY. I mean WOW that is quite a feat if I do say so myself. Plus you’re super nice and down to earth which is very attractive in itself. Please continue making porn for us and for yourself and continue having fun and making friends in the porn industry. haters gonna hate anyway ;D

      Kisses from your pie loving fan ^_^

    1. I second that. I had a great scene with Luke, perfect cock, really kind person and fun to work with.

      As for you Marc you’re a hot fucker and deserve all the success and exposure you’re getting. Haters will hate, just remember this is YOUR time! Something the haters will never be able to say. I can’t wait to direct you when the chance comes up.

  3. @Glenn I don’t believe in bad mouthing people life is too short or that stuff. I shoot porn because I enjoy it and for now people still like seeing me. But if im not everyones type or someone doesn’t like me that’s ok that’s there right to do so. @Samuel colt I love u and chris porter :-)

    1. Isn't It Obvious?

      Even if you’re not someone’s type you’re a genuinely nice guy :) and there’s too many performers who are just…well…

    2. youre a stand up guy to have that maturity—anthony,austin and erryn are haters
      and use their twitters to insult people they feel inferior to

      p.s. you have a cute accent ;)

  4. NO! He isn’t overexposed. He is doing what I would do, if I had his looks and charisma…..get as many gigs making the most money while still a fan favorite!…New fresh faces are always showing up in porn, so I say go for it while you got it! Plus it looks as if he may have some staying power. I certainly hope he does. I think he does have the makings of a true porn superstar.

        1. any screen captures of these tweets? Austin & Anthony are the least of those to be talking shit about anybody considering they work for a studio that’s full of homophobes.

          1. bless them!now i really want to see Mark or Dylan in promotion ever lol let me say that again: MARK DYLAN.

      1. Wouldn’t it be better to ignore that BS by now? I mean everytime an idiot brings Chris up you respond? That’s cute but I bet you this is exactly what those idiots want

  5. Lol I still like u guys at the sword. And hey sometimes being catty is fun right ? And much more interesting . But if u would like to post some good pics all you have to do is ask for some :-). I would love to take over for Regis that’s such a fun show.

    1. I like the pic actually… :) but since you said all you have to do is ask…um can I have some, or a good pic please LOL I love your stuff!

  6. As everyone who wishes I would shut up about it knows, I’m a huge advocate of actually using gay men in gay porn. I’m glad Marc is getting so much work, I hope he makes the studios that he works with alot of money. If companies know they can make money using gay performers, with far less restrictions on their scene partners and production, then maybe they will start to accept that gay men having sex with gay men is what is going to help gay porn stay alive.

    So while I’m more of a Jesse Colter fan, I totally support Marc Dylan. Although, I do wish he would seem to enjoy his scenes more and show some real passion instead of going dead eye and sort of just zoning out.

    1. There are some good bi/g4p models to be fair.

      I honestly never even thought about a model’s sexuality until I started reading blogs like this.

      1. I’m not talking about Bi performers, is they are honestly bisexual(meaning the date/have sex with men without compensation. Otherwise can you name one straight performer (one that doesn’t need drugs{even Pot/ED drugs} to get him through the scene) that deserve supporting?

        1. Isn't It Obvious?

          I don’t know every performer I think is hot’s sexuality :P to be honest I don’t want to, it’s a performance so if it’s a good one fine, if it’s not close the tab – there could be any number of reasons a performance/performer is bad. I’m fairly certain I’ll never meet any of the performers I watch so what business of mine is their personal lives?

          The openly homophobic ones are a different story, obviously, but none of the ones I’ve seen reported on blogs like this are hot anyway haha

          1. The open homophobia can be dealt with, eventually. But the hidden, subverse kind is the much worse. And I’m suspicious of companies/performers who perpetuate the idea that g4p actors are better at gay porn. That’s the worst kind of homophobia, that gay men aren’t GOOD enough to make gay porn. It appears that NDS seems to be the most flagrant pro “g4p”-con actual gay actors, gay porn company. But most if not all are doing the same thing. In addition to NDS, Chaosmen, Corbin Fisher, Sean Cody, Randy Blue, etc ram it in our face almost everytime they release a new video. We as consumers are NOT given a choice as to whether or not we want to see gay or g4p. Search the websites. See how many promote the str8 man going gay compared to gay men having sex. Read the bios and video descriptions. It’s “first time this” and “first time that” “finally convinced him to try” etc. The prescene interviews are peppered with conversations about gf’s, wives, how many girls they fucked, and how they are “Str8”. We actually have to search and find the real gay performers. And much of the time they are paired with a g4p performer. So, yea I do want to know if they are g4p.

            That’s why I hope that Marc and others like him actually become true porn stars. We need gay porn “Icons” that are truely gay.

            @Alex, please, keep on blogging and posting about it! If we are silent we will be ignored.

  7. I think he is hot and sexy, really haven’t seen any of his scenes yet, just read about them and saw the stills. The companies are no more promoting him then they have anyone else if you think about it… Mason Star and Chris Porter both who I love to see on screen and I am not slamming in any way were both pushed heavily when they arrived on the scene and every company who had ever talked to them before were pushing out stuff they had done.
    Marc seems to be a nice guy, have read a few posts of his and he seems genuine, obviously the people like him or they would not keep buying his stuff. He has a good look, responds to fans, puts many pix out there etc.
    As long as he does what he is doing he will be out there in the spotlight, eventually tho it will kind of fade a little and hopefully he will keep making movies and posting yummy pix and someone else will step into the spotlight.

  8. he’s got it all, like angelo marconi another bottom stunner, they should flip flop.
    Others who hot it all as supers tar bottoms but neglected were/are tyler johnson, eddie diaz, jonthan vargas, naor tal, pistol pete, qpid, snobuni, and the extraordinary lil’papi a stunning bottom bitch of olympic grandeur, he beats them all

  9. I would say wayyyy too much of him but I will add that at least he has the physical attributes and natural good looks to be considered a porn star. Too often people with no attributes are called porn stars.

  10. I’m more intrigued by the fact that he’s done a number of bareback scenes, but the major studios are still willing to work with him.
    Other performers have done bareback and as a result are untouched by big studios.
    What makes Marc Dylan so special?

  11. I’m pretty lukewarm about Marc Dylan, but maybe I haven’t seen the right material. Out of his massive oveure, what are his best 2 or 3 scenes?

  12. I would rather see 100 guys like Marc doing 1000 scenes than one more vile g4p self-loathing fag hater.

    Is he becoming a bit over-exposed? Yes… I hope he takes some time in this next year to enjoy his success and slow down a bit.

  13. Isn't It Obvious?

    I’m not sick of him, but I’m not obsessed with him. You’d probably shoot me if I told you who I was sick of :P

    1. It’s either Cody Cummings or Ethan from Sean Cody lol

      Personally I love Marc Dylan and I enjoy reading more about him online, especially since he comes onto the blogs many times and responds back. Better than having to read the g4p shit that comes from NDS.

      Still love Paul Wagner, Austin Wilde & Anthony Romero though (and a couple others from NDS that are genuinely gay and not ashamed of it that I can’t think of at the moment.

      1. Isn't It Obvious?

        I do like Marc Dylan don’t get me wrong just not to my Dean Flynn/Paul Wagner etc obsessing level :P

        Actually yeah haha and that Mick something, along with every bel ami model – I don’t get the appeal in them and they all look the same, I swear they all have to be related to each other.

        Ah well, to each his own, at least there’s always something for everyone in porn.

  14. It’s not impossible to resist, I’ve been able to do it the entire time. Seems like a nice guy but he’s just not my type, and seeing him everywhere is getting so old.

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