Justin Owen Surrenders His Hole To Big Sam Truitt

This is no “namby-pamby” fuck at Helix today.

Sam Truitt plays a sailor on leave. Justin Owen is a horny guy in need. In need of a big dick. I don’t think that part required any “playing.”

Playing is not also a word that describes anything in this scene. Sam nails Justin’s ass like fucking for keeps. Hell, after the crazy hummer Justin pivots his neck to give Sam, if I were Sam, I’d want to hang on him too.

[Watch Justin Owen and Sam Truitt in “Bus Stop Boys”]

Helix Adds:
It’s always an interesting adventure when one sets out into the world via public transportation. On this particularly gorgeous day, SoCal stud muffin Justin Owen runs into the young & hung soldier boy fuck machine, Sam Truitt. The two hit it off immediately after Justin revealed that he too had once contemplated joining the navy, but had decided not to enlist due to the lack of a boot camp buddy. The ride escalates quickly when the two find out that they both appreciate male companionship in other forms as well. Don’t miss this jock on jock slam dance that brings a whole new meaning to the term “service member”.














[Watch Justin Owen and Sam Truitt in “Bus Stop Boys”]

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