It’s Not All White At Sean Cody These Days: Diversity or Tokenism?

With Landon On Friday and Phillip today, Sean Cody has put up more men of color in one week than in all of last year. Was this a scheduling anomaly or signs of something bigger?

Sexy, hairy, and gorgeous Landon fucked Duncan in January of 2015 and diversity disappeared from Sean Cody save the yearly token appearance of Rick in late March. Fast forward to a month ago, they offered up Houston. Then Friday, after a year and a half, Landon returned to fuck Manny and now we have Phillip.

Is this a case of enjoy it now cause you won’t see it again till 2017 — or has Sean Cody learned that hot comes in more than one flavor?

sean cody black models
Just the sight of Landon’s sculpted glutes flexing as he fucks Manny is worth the price of admission, to say nothing of the rest of him. Manny, still loving every opportunity he gets to live out the fantasies he used to watch and jack off too, was a perfect choice and the right hole to welcome Landon back.

sean cody black models
With a creampie ending round one and Landon seeding Manny’s hole is round two, Landon and Manny made for a good update not just because Landon is black, or that the scene is interracial, but because they are hot together. Period.

[Watch “Landon & Manny: Bareback”]

Then today, lightning struck twice with Phillip’s welcome arrival.

sean cody black models
Phillip is handsome, bisexual, likely a bottom, sizeable and uncut, ripped body, and quite a charmer.

sean cody black models
While Sean Cody surely could use an infusion of tops, one thing this makes clear. Why in the hell did Sean Cody every bring Wilson, the human Pillsbury doughboy back when there are guys like this around? As much as Phillip has going for him physically, he’s a sexual lottery ticket too and we won. By winning, I mean he cums three times – one of which in the back seat of a moving car. And he self-sucks. Phillip, hurry back and Sean Cody, more like this please.

[Watch Phillip at Sean Cody]

5 thoughts on “It’s Not All White At Sean Cody These Days: Diversity or Tokenism?”

    1. Diversity. Everybody is so quick to judge and pretend like Sean Cody has never had black guys, ever before. They do something and give any model a chance, but apparently it’s not good enough. Everybody does nothing but complain.

  1. Fur a while now it’s been the straight tops fucking the gay bottoms and with guys like Manny they could change up. I swear if they bring Brandon back to fuck Philip I will be pissed. What I would like to see is Manny tops Philip or a flip flop between them.

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