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Barebacking Breeder Chronicles: Brandon & Blake Edition

The Sean Cody conundrum: demanding the guys be straight until it’s time to fuck. Today Blake and Brandon, yes Brandon, do a pretty decent job of pulling it off.

Brandon’s bottoming debut couldn’t possibly have lived up to the hype even if it was a hot scene. It sucked. His next appearance busting Kellin’s cherry was a major dud too.

Then again, Brandon was never a power-top. It was like putting a Prius in the Daytona 500 and wondering why it didn’t win. Today Brandon & Blake: Bareback breaks Brandon’s spate of bummer scenes.

A quick pit stop at The Sword’s Pornback Machine™. sean cody brandon Brandon’s body was always near perfection and his ass can still inspire wet dreams in grown men. As for Blake, while a haircut transformed his appearance, he’s clearly been putting the time in at the gym and transformed his own physique into hunk territory.

Aside from his muscles, Blake also builds up some palpable enthusiasm for his scenes. That almost hour long cumstravaganza with Sean and Curtis last fall was one of the hottest scenes all year.
sean cody brandon Today’s offering isn’t in that league, no. But Brandon shows his playful, goofy side. And Blake shows he can appreciate a beautiful ass when he eats one.


Granted, Brandon is no Randy or Liev when it comes to pounding butt. Nor is he equipped for long penetration shots.
When it comes to fucking, Brandon’s best assests are behind him.

Brandon and Blake stay engaged, stay hard, and deliver four cum shots in a scene that keeps flowing with none of that bone-killing ackwardness that’s been such an issue lately.
If you are trying to get off to guys who are fucking for cash flow and not blood flow, Brandon and Blake: Bareback is one of your better options lately.

[Watch Brandon and Blake: Bareback at Sean Cody]

4 thoughts on “Barebacking Breeder Chronicles: Brandon & Blake Edition”

  1. I watched this and the word fake came to mind. Why don’t they give honest, real gay actors a chance instead of these fakers? It’s simple, what is the problem? It’s an insult to me and all my fellow gay family members. Shame on you .

  2. Blake and Brandon were perfect together. Love Blake’s newer manscapped look. Wish Brandon would do the same and lose the facial hair. But, hairy or hairless, they are both great looking guys and great performers.

  3. This scene was Hot he finally allowed his ass to be eaten the way it needs to and he was into everything. There are plenty of SC porn models that are gay in real life. That G4P bs is not true. maybe it is a marketing strategy but I would say 50 percent are straight-ish, 20 percent totally bi that can swing either way at all times and 30 percent completely gay. Pierce, Graham, Duncan, Dusty, Tanner (says bi) , Coleman, Aidan, Brooks, Ajay, Grayson, Ashton, Randy, Porter, Jayden, Lane, Tate., Spencer, Ryan, Jarek, Arthur : ALL GAY that is off the top of my porn addicted head. wtf there are plenty of gay men on Sean Cody.

  4. This does looks pretty decent finally, you’re right. Maybe Brandon is right too about the crew & the team – they are as much to blame for us being happy with a scene that’s just decent. How the mighty have fallen when decent is the bar we’re measuring Sean Cody scenes by now

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