Seth Fornea Needs To Work On His Runway Walk

The Marco Marco show at New York Fashion Week featured a bevy of New York queens, and drag queens, porn star Boomer Banks, and reluctant porn star Seth Fornea, as Instinct Mag and the Underwear Expert show us.

And regardless of what you think about the looks (are these nightclub outfits, gym-wear?), it’s kind of a show. I guess it’s underwear?

Also, another reluctant would-be porn star, Colby Melvin was there on behalf of Underwear Expert, serving as their “style reporter,” talking backstage like a real professional fashion expert, wearing nothing but some overalls.

4 thoughts on “Seth Fornea Needs To Work On His Runway Walk”

  1. That was the worst, most amateurish fashionweek runway show I’ve ever seen. Most of the runway models look like they were raised under high voltage power lines. Seth is gorgeous, as always.

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