Video: The JRL Trainwreck

Earlier this morning, I told you about the disaster that was the JRL Awards, and now we have video!

Live from the Jewel Catch One nightclub in L.A. (where such films as Beaches and B.A.P.S. were filmed), here’s the moment when safe sex advocate Chi Chi LaRue stormed off stage after discovering she had been tasked with presenting a bareback award.

In one of her tweets from last night, LaRue said she felt “set up” by the producers of the JRL Awards, but after watching this clip, it’s painfully evident that JRL is not capable of setting anything up.


(Listen at the 3:20 mark for the backstage brawl between LaRue and Jason Sechrest. Oh, dear.)

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  1. It’s funny that the “CRAP” is also on the top of the AVN Charts. How is that possible if it’s a sham? And AVN is a different company.

  2. For all of those who dont know — JRL is really a part of Marina Pacific Dist.. If you take a look at their “charts” – many of the titles on the charts come from the studios Marina Distributes (and a lot of those are pure CRAP.) And of course if the stores you say are “reporting” are also all Marina Pacific customers, then the horrible crap you sell them is going to be on the charts… Its such a total sham!!!

  3. OH BOBBY. Chi Chi and Jason’s ‘attitudes’ were nothing new, why would anyone have any high expections, especially at something like the JRL Awards? It’s porn, it’s JUST porn, not the fucking Academy Awards. Get over it.

  4. ok kitty karma if we lighten up what do jason and chi chi larue need to do? if you think we are being “bitter toxic” towards them what message did they send to fans and industry? whats you thoughts on that? so when you come and comment and tell people to “lighten up” you best cover all parties and resolution before you say anything

  5. Jesus. Whay all the hate and disgust towards Chi Chi & Jason? They were asked to participate and were expecting a half-way professional awards show only to find out everything from A-Z was wrong. Maybe their frustration wasn’t handled in the best way but all this attacking makes this industry look like the bitter toxic wasteland that its rumored to be. Lighten up EVERYONE.

  6. OH I just cant wait to see Chi Chi and Jason recreate their shining JRL moment at the Gayvn Awards so we can all laugh and let them believe it was funny.

  7. louis you are right! “laruegate”. she clearly was the problem along with seachrest and of course that selfish bitch larue wont discuss this fuck up because it would show that with the video she was the problem with blowfish boy seachrest. its just sad that if that “after surgury” person could have just taken a breathe and fixed the problem it will have all been fine. but that coke head knew that is was live and that her “fake psa” was about to play and it would have look bad for her. you know if that was somebody else she would have taken a man size bump and looked at sechrest and said “sweetie, lets get the fuck out of here”.

    maybe if i say “chi chi larue be gone” it was happen like “shut your hole”.. fantasy world

    does larue shut her hole? i will give 10000 dollars to anybody who has a picture of her naked!

  8. You know what? I was there. If you listen closely to the video you can hear Jason say “it didn’t happen the way ChiChi wanted it to go.” This clearly states that she didn’t get her way somehow, panicked, and of course blamed someone else. It may have been JRL’s event, but it was clearly ChiChi and Jason’s stage. Was it JRL’s idea to have the Bareback awards first, or ChiChi’s? Obviously ChiChi’s. And Why? She could have easily walked back stage and picked up the correct award.

    What people don’t see in this clip is afterwards when the Treasure Island Guy announced several of the condom nominations. It wouldn’t make sense to have the Treasure Island Guy announce the Bareback awards since he won them… This was not JRL’s disaster this was a drunkn/high/fucked up – political statement gone bad.

    On a final note the set-up for the event was a little odd. The video screens that played the PSA were behind everyone and only 1 was working. Regardless, everyone got the point, everyone heard the PSA, they could have played it in the middle of the show and it would have better.

    JRL is really going to do this again next year? It might be worth going next time. I suggest adding security next year.

  9. after looking at these message its clear that the new video while the message was honorable the deliver and presentation was a complete failure. i do believe that “recycling” old footage and illustrating hypocrisy among certain models tends to make the viewer question the person or people who put this video together. I have watched the video and even though there was a “mistake” in line up of awards Chi Chi should have never acting like such an unprofessional. It really shows that she only cares about herself she helped make the awards show debacle and for that and no “sorry” to the fans and people in audience. CHI CHI LARUE IS A DISGRACE! and when you hit that pipe again lady know this I am never buying your reprocessed movies again!!!!! what is she going to do in SF throw something else and this time hit somebody and jason sechrest needs chi chi he is just a loud mouth and if you were a true star why would you degraded the awards show your hosting. Its just a sad event and I am looking forward to the Grabbys next year and please god Chi Chi LaRue dont be there for the 10 year in a row.

  10. I’m actually a big ChiChi fan but this was a disgrace. LOL and seriously is Ryan Seachrest and ChiChi the same person? It makes sense because one is a little bigger than the other so the costume change would be easy. You just put the more cracked out one on stage first and then put the costume over the fatter one. Makes perfect sense.

  11. I was there too and realized within minutes that the entire evening would be an unfortunate experience. Jason made a complete ass out of himself and then ChiChi sealed the fate of the evening by acting like a complete friggin moron. No question that the train was leaving the tracks but there was an audience of industry professionals and fans…. ChiChi and Jason’s screaming match and smack down behind stage during the first few minutes was so ChiChi! The PSA with porn talent who have been in bareback films is a joke and just goes to show just how much of a hypocrite ChiChi really is. Larry seems so desperate to remain relevant in today’s porn business when competing against so many truly fresh and talented directors who are creating some of the best new porn available. Am I the only one who thinks it is time for Larry to take his own message and “SHUT YOUR HOLE”. Take your miniME Jason (who I agree sounds more like the screaming ChiChi and takes the same stupid pictures with the mouth wide open) and move on. Nobody cares about you two boobs anymore. SERIOUSLY!

    As for the JRL awards… OMG! Tragic comedy with a truly sad ending for the 110 fools (me included) who showed up in hopes that you could pull it off. I think you did more damage to your bogus website than you think. Rumor is you plan to try again next year??? Really??? Lightning can strike twice!

  12. Bareback awards? Gross, its like saying” Congrats the pornstar who don’t mind sharing his HIV on film the most”
    I respect Chi Chi for making that pathetic set of awards into the trainwreck it should be. Thats like giving out awards for being a hooker… oh wait gay men do that as well… and we wonder why straight people don’t respect us.

    1. Are you serious? The majority of the straight porn industry is bareback idiot. Let me guess, you are the retarded twink that was on stage saying “safe-sex” every 10 seconds (paid by ChiChi) in an effort to make our world a better one. This isn’t about bareback anymore, it’s about the survival of condom porn. And unlike people who are HIV+ now a days who are surviving, the condom world is finally the underdogs. Not hard to believe since the porn industry is suppose to be a fantasy world anyway. I don’t know about you, but I’m not wearing a condom in my fantasy.

  13. SO many opportunities to make a fool of yourself in this biz right now thanks to the endless list of gay ‘award’ shows. People involved in gay porn are not able to control their ego’s long enough to say no to another piece of cheap shitty lucite and a chance to prance onto a stage and give an ‘acceptance speech’. If there was one award show done well it could be a special night but thanks to the proliferation of award shows an award from anyone right now is, #FAIL.

  14. Really show where the gay adult industry has gone in it’s homogenization of the studios, talent and people behind the scenes. Too bad really.

    My question is, is Jason turning into Chi Chi slowly or what? He’s getting as big as she was and he’s talking just like her – how weird is that? Has anyone truly seen them in the same room together at the same time?

  15. so true louis so true. my friends went there and they said the whole show when to complete SHIT! after LARUES’ BABY DIVA LIKE BEHAVIOR! honestly that bitch needs to be held accountable you run a studio ACT LIKE A PROFESSIONAL! they show wasn’t about you! SHE OWES EVERYONE AN APOLOGY! I guess she will stick to djing and making movies we have all seem before because i am not much of a fan of her work these days sorry!

    BOYCOTT THAT BEHAVIOR! absolute disgrace!! did those people get their money back from the tickets?

  16. The guy from Treasure Island was extremely professional considering how disrespectful those Queens were being. They bitch slapped him and looked like fools. At the end of the night (when they ducked out because they had miserably failed) the guy from Treasure Island offered anyone who was still there a 12 month membership to their site – talk about a punch back… BOOM! That’s pretty amazing! I don’t see ChiChi showing their support to the bareback community when this guy was supporting both bareback and condom communities. He was presented with the bareback awards at the beginning and stayed till the very end. Now that’s class!

    I’m just a fan who went to the awards thinking I would see some porn stars. The only ones I saw that were even nice to me were Sage Daniels and Jason Pitt.

  17. its time for her to retire and move on. doing drugs and keeping a “kiss ass stable” of party boys around just makes chi chi look bad and its fear of not working in adult films that this guys do things for her their is no loyalty in that sex game. and sechrest is just a game piece in the mix. there needs to be new fresh young ppl to come in and make the industry new and exciting again. arent there models in her psa that didn’t “shut their hole” a bit of a mix message there but there should be a psa about directors and models doing drugs lets she larue and sechrest do a psa about that one ..oh wait.. there would be just a few models to say “dont light the pipe” psa. its the truth so gets some balls

  18. I’ve seen videos of LaRue and of Sechrest and of other gay awards shows – and this is the trainwreck? I suggest you search for clips of Jason Sechrest trying a musical career sitting at a grand piano, with a brandy sniffer full of dollar bills sitting on it, singing torch songs with tears rolling down his cheeks.

    1. Oh well, excuse me for having a conscience. I guess I can see why that would be a problem for you, seeing as yours is obviously withered and useless.

      And you have NO idea who I am.

  19. Boy do I agree. Apparently Chi Chi paid those 2 twinks to say safe sex every 10 seconds. JRL absolutely embarrassed themselves with the production (aren’t there any gay people working there?) – but no reason for that tired old hack to take what could have been a halfway decent celebration of the industry and turn it into a grand standing egotistical tyrade. The only HOLE that Chi Chi should shut is her pie hole. and oh my god why was Jason Sechrest even there? i can’t imagine he did that for free? you were the fucking host – you should have pulled it together instead of telling the producers not to bother you. un-frakking-believable. the only one who seems to have any class in that clip is the guy from Treasure Island who picked up the awards.

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