Will Braun Once Again Forced To Eat An Ass He Doesn’t Want to Eat: Dirk Caber’s

I’ve noted before that gay-for-pay Men.com model Will Braun, while cute, has still not really bought in to the whole ass-eating thing. It’s pretty apparently how grossed out he is, but he’s getting paid, and he does what he’s told, and he does his best. Once again today, in the new scene called Big Bro, he’s forced to rim a butthole that he looks kind of scared of, and it’s Dirk Caber’s.

The premise is that Dirk works for some Big Brother program connected to a corrections institution, and Will is a troubled youth who got arrested for robbery. Cut to them in a hotel room after playing basketball where Dirk decides to throw all decorum and policy out the window and make a pass at Will. And then Will decides he’s willing to be “taught” how to fuck a dude.

But first, the salad tossing lesson, which looks like the hardest of all. Says Dirk, “It’s just a little sweaty, that’s all.” And you can almost hear Will throw up a little in his mouth.







And after that, Dirk has Will fuck him, which Will seems more OK with. And in between some fucking, Will tries to give a blowjob, and that doesn’t go so well either.

Here’s the clip.



[Men.Com: Big Bro]



9 thoughts on “Will Braun Once Again Forced To Eat An Ass He Doesn’t Want to Eat: Dirk Caber’s”

  1. John Vincent Orlando

    I have wet dream about Johnny Orlando sexy ass even sexy barefoot and sexy feet even sexy body-I always have sex dreams about Johnny Orlando I would be one lick Johnny Orlando ass it’s all about gay porn

  2. “It’s just a little sweaty”. I would put him in the shower and hose him down before I put my face in there.

  3. Also….quite a bit of acting there, Dirk. Hard to think that Braun’s cock causes that kind of reaction after the kinds of dicks he’s taken, especially his BF’s.

  4. Here we go again with gay-for-pay debate. It’s not erotic to watch someone do something they’re not really into. For example, I didn’t watch Fear Factor because people frequently ate insects for cash. Certainly there’s a gay actor somewhere who’d love to bury his face in Dirk Caber’s ass. That actor isn’t Will Braun.

    1. I strongly disagree. It’s VERY erotic. GFP isn’t hot because of amazingly affectionate sex. GFP is hot because of the force/power struggle, just like prison rape fantasies. He doesn’t want to do it…but he has to. HOT! If the str8 boys want our money so badly, they have to earn it.

  5. i’m going to have to go watch this scene myself. i just read on another site that it was obvious how much will was enjoying rimming dirk.

  6. Sincerely, that’s a shame. Caber seems one of the more amenable and genial men in gay porn, a butch bottom that might well be a direct descendant of Ray Harley, and before him Mickey Squires, and certainly deserves an affectionate and uninhibited partner. They’ll be other clips, better ones for Caber, and Braun may yet come along, but when you hire gay-for-pay, some are always going to be more capable of abandoning themselves to performance than others.

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