A Junior Stellano-Brad Star Flip-Fuck

The best way to enjoy Brad Star has always been when he’s bottoming, and I can declare this instance of Brad bottoming, from Assassins, Brad’s best bottoming scene of the year. And the best way to enjoy Junior Stellano is when he’s doing pretty much anything at all. Video below.

Assassins, the big budget noir porn with a plot, stars Brad, Junior, Drew Cutler, Adam Killian, Steven Daigle, and of course Michael Lucas. Lucas plays an “emotionless and driven assassin whose solemn life has been dedicated to carrying out the death wishes of others.” Playing such an unlikeable character sounds like a bit of a stretch for Lucas, but I’m sure he can pull it off. Watch part one or buy the whole DVD.


[Lucas Entertainment]

3 thoughts on “A Junior Stellano-Brad Star Flip-Fuck”

  1. Thats the main reason i get all my porn from the internet, NO PLOT!….just sticking things in and out of various holes with a lot of dirty talk and moans of delight.

  2. This has made my day….I always love to see Brad doing more bottoming! He’s done far too little of it since his return last year. Too bad Leo Giamani retired, a flip-flop between the two of them would’ve been great, considering they’re pretty much equally endowed.

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