NakedSword X Beau Butler

A Look At What’s To Cum…

Yes, our obsession with NakedSword X Beau Butler, the bareback limited series that has superstar Beau pulling triple duty as a performer, director, and producer, is still going strong! Ever since we watched the threesome premiere, we’ve only grown hornier for Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Beau Butler while growing more and more curious about what’s to come in this new series.

Lucky for all of us, NakedSword has already taken to social media to share a look at what to expect in the four remaining episodes of NakedSword X Beau Butler. In a short clip posted to the official Instagram of NakedSword, we’re getting to hear what it was like working on this project from stars like Beau and Sir Peter along with upcoming NSXBB performers Trevor Brooks and MrDeepVoice while seeing some SFW footage from upcoming scenes.

Take a look at the full mini-featurette for NSXBB above, let us know all of your hot thoughts down in the comments, and be sure to keep an eye out tomorrow on for the latest installment of NakedSword X Beau Butler!

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