DeAngelo Jackson Reveals How Many is Too Many in Interview with Diego Sans

Attention DeAngelo Jackson stans! A new video featuring this award-winning superstar was just uploaded to the Falcon | NakedSword YouTube channel! So get ready to click play as we dive into DeAngelo’s entire pre-fuck interview from Fan Male – the NakedSword Originals movie that’s all about porn stars answering some titular Fan Male and responding to your sizzling hot questions.

In the clip, DeAngelo is sitting down with Fan Male scene parter Colby Melvin for a chat with fellow A-list porn hunk Diego Sans. Filmed on location in Las Vegas, the NSFW interview touches on everything from what DeAngelo has learned throughout his years in the gay porn industry to just how many inches is too many inches.

Just like all these other Fan Male interview clips uploaded to YouTube, this video only shows the tamer portions of DeAngelo and Colby’s scene together. If you want to watch all the explicit activity that takes place after this sit-down talk, you’ll have to head over to NakedSword. There, you’ll be able to see every second of Colby sucking down DeAngelo’s dick and the two getting into some fairly creative positions on their hotel suite couch.

Take a look at their full interview below, let us know all of your hot thoughts down in the comments, and be sure to head over to to watch this full Fan Male fuck.

[Watch FAN MALE ft. DeAngelo Jackson & Colby Melvin]


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