Hung Bottom Tristan Hunter Stays Rock Hard Getting Fucked by Trevor Brooks

I’m continually amazed at Tristan Hunter‘s bottoming skills, where we constantly get to see his big dick rock hard and bobbing like crazy as he gets fucked. It really is intoxicating, and I always find myself staring at his boner in a scene—bouncing up and down, from side to side, in a circle….it’s hypnotizing.

Case in point: His new pairing with Trevor Brooks, who is apparently transitioning from a total bottom (remember his CockyBoys debut sitting on Jacob Acosta’s beer can cock?) to a total top. To my shock, this is the first one-on-one scene between the two performers (we did see them together in the six-man CockyBoys orgy from Happy Endings), and it doesn’t disappoint.

Tristan Hunter, Trevor Brooks Tristan Hunter, Trevor Brooks

Tristan Hunter, Trevor Brooks Tristan Hunter, Trevor Brooks

After some smooching and stroking, Trevor shows off his burgeoning alpha side as he face fucks Tristan. That leads to a hot 69—and then Trevor slurping on Tristan’s fatty before turning his tongue’s attention to his bud’s hole. Trevor fucks the bottom on his back, jacking Tristan’s hot boner at the same time (one of my favorite visuals of the scene).

Tristan Hunter, Trevor Brooks Tristan Hunter, Trevor Brooks

Tristan Hunter, Trevor Brooks Tristan Hunter, Trevor Brooks

Trevor then fucks Tristan from behind by the window before we get the hottest sequence: Tristan sitting down on Trevor, the bottom’s big boner whipping around like crazy as he rides (with the top also reaching around to jack it as he fucks him…so hot!). Tristan explodes on Trevor’s chest,  then gets a hot open-mouth facial. Can you stay as stiff as Tristan when you get fucked?

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


17 thoughts on “Hung Bottom Tristan Hunter Stays Rock Hard Getting Fucked by Trevor Brooks”

    1. Anorexia? That’s a reach. He most likely has a fast metabolism. His body would be more hard and gaunty looking if he were anorexic. He clearly eats well. Not everyone is desperate to bulk up in muscles.

    2. Tristan is noticeably skinnier than his debut days from 2018 to 2020 where he was skinny but on the thicker side. However I think it’s mean to describe him as vile. He is still handsome and we don’t know the reasons as to why he is skinnier but I don’t think he looks anorexic either.

  1. It’s always hot to see the bottom rock hard when getting fucked. Not all bottoms who love the fuck they’re getting are rock hard.

    1. he’s in a lot of scenes but I don’t think he has that big of a following compared to many others. I like him though but some of his scenes are high key forgettable.

        1. Universal Potentate

          I just looked at Tristan’s social media.
          He has a lot of fan activity but his Twitter disallows comments. His linktree is only on his Instagram. His OnlyFans indicates about 50-100 fans.
          For how well he’s liked, he has OBVIOUSLY not capitalized on his social media presence and that will clearly have a negative impact on his income.
          This is NOT the era where being a CockyBoys exclusive means jack.
          He probably has a sugar daddy or other sources of income (I don’t know his life) but even most successful cam models have more activity than him, and they have a lot of sugar daddies.
          It’s a little sad he’s not hitting social media harder.
          Also, I can’t speak for every porn star mentioned but Devin is baller! He’s develop a serious following and makes a serious income.

          1. it looks like tristan hunter deleted all of his social media accounts and onlyfans. i take it as a sign he is retiring from porn. i just wish he would’ve sent a farewell message instead of leaving us in the dark.

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