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A New ‘Top 10 Hottest Twinks’ List Just Dropped – Do You Agree With The Ranking?

The folks at Mr. Man just released their list of the top ten naked celebrity twinks, and there is A LOT of lean bodies and smooth butts.

Here’s what you’ll find: Six twink penises, including the unassuming Ricardo Meneses and his big dick and real blowjob in O Fantasma, Timothée Chalamet’s jerk-off scene in Call Me By Your Name, Charlie Hunnam’s ass licking scene in the original UK Queer As Folk, twink gay porn legend Johnny Rapid’s amazing anal scene (he takes an 11.5-inch dick up his tight little hole), and the incredible gay teen sex scene on Elite – the best series for gay teen sex ever created.

That’s a lot of action for these little guys! We’re so hyped on this list of the hottest celebrity twinks that we turned the ten scenes into GIFs so you don’t have to. Check out below for all ten incredible twink GIFs! (Want to see the full scenes? All you need to do is sign up for a FREE Mr.Man account and they are all yours! You’re welcome!)

10. Johnny Rapid, I’m A Porn Star

9. Nicolas Hau, Like Cattle Towards Glow

8. David Kross, The Reader

7. Byron Pang, Amphetamine

6. Dimitri Durdaine, Our Paradise

5. Ricardo Meneses, O Fantasma

4. Charlie Hunnam, Queer as Folk

3. Manu Ríos, Elite

2. Ansel Wolf Pierce, Euphoria

1. Timothée Chalamet, Call Me By Your Name

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2 thoughts on “A New ‘Top 10 Hottest Twinks’ List Just Dropped – Do You Agree With The Ranking?”

  1. Johnny Rapid – pure trash!
    Timothée Chalamet – maybe most famous, not sexy!
    Manu Ríos – killer bod!
    Dimitri Durdaine – cute

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