The Swords Saga, I'm Following You

A Trailer Just Dropped For Our New Favorite Fire Island Fuck Film

Hope you’re ready for a new chapter of The Swords saga, because NakedSword Originals just dropped the trailer for I’m Following You – the latest installment of its action-adventure franchise that’s all about gay porn stars enlisting as secret agents and living double lives as peacekeepers – on its official YouTube channel.

Directed by Marc MacNamara, this edition of The Swords features fan favorite porn stars setting sail for Fire Island as one obsessive fan, Greg Riley, tracks them and stalks them in hopes of learning their secrets to become a gay porn superstar.

The Swords Saga, I'm Following You

Along with Greg, the movie also features The Swords debuts for Ricky Roman, Greg Riley, Jordan Starr, Nick Cranston, and Tristan Hunter. Along with them, we also get to see the return of Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Cole Connor, who was recently nominated for a Grabby Award for his role in the original Swords movie, along with Tony Genius and Michael Boston.

Based on what’s revealed in the trailer, it seems that this movie takes place right after the events of The Swords: First Mission the installment of The Swords that features Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Cade Maddox playing a villain in Paris. Watch this trailer with caution if you haven’t caught up on every scene from First Mission, because it definitely gives some spoilers regarding Cade’s fate and how that movie ultimately ends. You’ve been warned!

If you’re not afraid of spoilers, take a look at the trailer below and let us know what you think of this new movie down in the comments. After you’re done with that, be sure to tune into the premiere of I’m Following You when it drops on tomorrow, May 3. (Oh, and if you want to see a much more X-rated version of this trailer, you can head over to NakedSword’s official Twitter page.)

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18 thoughts on “A Trailer Just Dropped For Our New Favorite Fire Island Fuck Film”

  1. Enough of these same tired performers who sound like drag queens when they open their mouths. Get some REAL MEN who can act and sound like men. We need to see some fresh meat. These flamers are past their prime.

  2. KJB: I agree with you. 100%. And you are gorgeous.
    Jordan Starr, Michael Boston and Tony Genius: very beautiful and talented actors.
    Cole Connor: Swindler. It’s exhausting to see his face in every production. He’s so “meh”, more of the same without any trace of originality. Also, how awful: Go Fund Me! Clearly a swindler, there’s no doubt about it. However, I´m sorry for him that he suffered the aggression. Even swindlers like him don’t deserve aggression.
    ADDITIONAL COMMENT: I don’t appreciate the culture of violence. It is because of this culture that Cole Connor was assaulted. So I think it’s past time for the industry to end the cycle of violent films, as this gives the idea that violence is common in the gay scene. And that gays like it!

  3. ummm…so we’re in a political climate where the LGBTQ+ community is being attacked – verbally and physically. Why is Naked Sword delivering multiple porn projects where gays are being physically violent?
    Not a good look right now.

    1. Universal Potentate

      Please STFU! Just say “I’m a boring person who can’t handle even cartoon violence.”
      Don’t try to connect two unconnected things and call it a “look” like there’s some consensus beyond the multiple personalities in your head.

  4. Universal Potentate

    Ohhh … lots of intrigue. Are Michael & Tristan gonna hook up? Who would top?
    Anyway, I’ll be excited to see the x-rated preview.

    1. Cole Connor that lying swindler again? Seems falcon would rather hire fake swindlers that actual diversity

      1. I am SO SICK of people calling my friend Cole a swindler. Let me set the record straight he had rough 2022 . He got mugged and that scum had no real reason for attacking him like that . He had to pay to get his eye fixed for health insurance did not cover and later in the fall he had to get his hamstrings repaired which earlier in the year he hoped he did not need surgery but he did . Being self employed we do not have the best health insurance that group plans do so yeah he had to pay bills. He also had another medical scare which is private and no not monkey pox but it was serious and thankful he got it taken care off . He has been tru alot and no he is not a swindler but 2022 he was swindled a lot by the way life treated him , so back off and give the guy a break already ? He hated doing go fund me but had to pay all deductible on his medical bills that insurance did not pay . So keep your conspiracy theories of my pal to yourself ! T.

        1. Universal Potentate

          Oh no one takes anything said by the commenters here seriously. This is anonymous and the same person will keep replying to themselves on different IP addresses. This site has attracted some teenagers (by age or maturity level) who do this.
          The rest of us respect the models and what happens in their personal lives. The US medical system is an utter disaster and we understand when people have limited options.
          Thanks for speaking up though.

          1. “No one takes anything said by the commenters here seriously”.
            Especially your comments. Clown.

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