Andrew Stark, Danny Starr

Andrew Stark Backflips off a Rock & Flip-Fucks Danny Starr

For months now, you’ve been watching porn stars enlist as peacekeeping secret agents in NakedSword Originals’ Swords saga and now, it’s all coming to an explosive end! Not only that but for the final episode of Final Cut, the seventh and last movie in this chapter of The Swords saga, we’re getting the NakedSword return of gay porn superstar Andrew Stark!

Yes, for this just-released action adventure finale, Andrew mother fucking Stark is officially back at NakedSword and flip-fucking NakedSword newcomer Danny Starr. Along with the versatile hookup, this scene even features Stark engaging in some gravity-defying stunts while getting into a suspenseful fight sequence with his muscled-up scene partner.

Andrew Stark, Danny Starr

To make these stunts even more impressive, Andrew confirmed on the latest episode of the Discretion Advised podcast that these dangerous backflips were actually performed by him! In the episode of the Falcon | NakedSword pod, Andrew sits down with hosts Marc MacNamara, who is also the director of Final Cut, and John Hill to discuss his high-flying backflip that he apparently did a dozen times during the shoot while also dishing on his industry comeback and why he loves being part of big productions like Final Cut.

Like we said, this bareback scene featuring Andrew and Danny also serves as the epic conclusion to The Swords saga. Throughout its seven films – The SwordsPhysical EvaluationsFirst MissionContent HouseI’m Following YouWorship Me, and Final Cut – we’ve seen some major stars and A-list Falcon | NakedSword exclusives fuck hard and deliver some truly unforgettable hookups as they take on the roles of horny secret agents and twisted villains. This includes everyone from Cole Connor, Beau Butler, Max Konnor, Dean Young, Josh Moore, Andre Donovan, Cade Maddox, Rafael Alencar, Roman Todd, Reign, Michael Boston, and countless others.

If you want to see every single must-see moment from The Swords saga, all you have to do is head over to There, you’ll be able to see every mission, every fight scene, and every load from NakedSword’s latest series – including this new fuck with Andrew Stark and Danny Starr!

Got any hot thoughts? Are you excited to see Andrew back in action? What’s your favorite Andrew Stark scene of all time? Let us know in the comments below and if you want to see even more from The Swords saga, click on over to!

[Watch FINAL CUT ft. Andrew Stark & Danny Starr]


7 thoughts on “Andrew Stark Backflips off a Rock & Flip-Fucks Danny Starr”

  1. Danny Starr is much more handsome and interesting than the boring Andrew Stark. Unfortunately, however, he spoiled his body with this excess of ink. Andrew Stark’s “great comeback” is actually a huge fiasco. What a tacky hair! His face is saggy enough already and this ridiculous hairstyle doesn’t help to make it better. It´s the opposite: it makes even worse. Classless, styleless, uninteresting, lame, old news.

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