Ranking The Top Ten Celebrity ‘Beach Bums’

Summer is far from over, and the folks at Mr. Man are savoring every last second with their incredible list of the Top Ten Beach Bums! These are the ten best scenes from movies and television of celebrities baring their floatation devices – and sometimes even their pool noodles – on the beach.

Nicholas Hoult skinny-dipped with Colin Firth in their homoerotic beach scene, Zac Efron showed off his muscular butt and CGI cock, Beverly Hills 90210 alum Jason Priestley got naked with the boys, Alan Ritchson flaunted his naturally large – and surprisingly fuzzy – peach, Theo James teased his White Lotus buns with his fantastic nude scene released years prior, and so much more. You better work, beach!

10. Alan Ritchson in Blood Drive

9. Zac Efron in Dirty Grandpa

8. Jason Priestley in Calendar Girl

7.  Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild!

6. Charles Alexander in The Wilds

5. Colin Firth, Nicholas Hoult in A Single Man

4. Patrick Wilson in Angels in America

3. Theo James in Sanditon

2. Ben Stiller in Along Came Polly

1. Sanuye Shoteka, Hermes Pittakos in He Loves Me

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4 thoughts on “Ranking The Top Ten Celebrity ‘Beach Bums’”

  1. For me, the best beach bum goes to Patrick Wilson. Sword and Cameron Greer, please do a specific article showing famous actors’s assholes. Is there any article here on the site about this? I would love to see what some famous actors´s assholes look like.

  2. Love all the buns (pun intended) on here but my favorites are Jason Priestly (I knew he had some nice cakes) and Theo James (yummy). The one that threw me off guard was Ben Stiller. Who knew his cakes would look so delectable!!!!!!

  3. We knew that Jason Priestly had a cute bubble ass but who da’ thunk he had a tattoo on his right ass cheek? Wonder if kelly ever saw it much less found out.

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