Ranking the Top 20 NakedSword Scenes of 2023

The year is almost up and that means it’s time to list off all of our favorite fucks from “the Netflix of gay porn”! Yep, for today’s end-of-year list, we’re going to be showing off the very best of the best fucks from NakedSword.com.

For this list, we went through every piece of exclusive content NakedSword dropped throughout 2023 and put in the hard work of selecting our favorite 20 scenes. This includes videos from NakedSword Originals, NakedSword X Rhyheim, NakedSword X Beau Butler, Private Collection, and NakedSword Presents. And in case you’re wondering, that’s a lot of gay porn we had to watch – not that we’re complaining though!

So take a look below for part one of our list. After you’re done inspecting our top picks, let us know all of your hot thoughts down in the comments, keep an eye out for the second half of our list later this week, and be sure to watch all of these scenes – plus 40,000+ other gay porn vids from 200+ top studios – over on NakedSword.com!

20. Dean Young, Damian Night, & Jordan Starr

Starting off, we’re taking a look at this amateur threesome from the Private Collection of bareback porn stars Damian Night and Jordan Starr as they film themselves pounding out the hole of Irish twink Dean Young. [See more]

19. Harvey Bridgestone & Jordan James

For this fan-favorite finale fuck from Chi Chi LaRue’s Late Night Drive-In, we’re getting the NakedSword debuts of muscle hunks Harvey Bridgestone and Jordan James as they head deep into the back room of a sex shop to breed and cum all over each other. [See more]

18. Markin Wolf & Nath Latrel

2023 saw loads of content from NakedSword X Rhyheim. While it’s hard to choose just a select few of these scenes, one of our favorite vids from this collaboration between industry powerhouse Rhyheim Shabazz and Falcon | NakedSword President and CEO Tim Valenti has to be this cum-heavy pounding between Markin Wolf and Nath Latrel. [See more]

17. Sir Peter & Trevor Brooks

Another hot collab between NakedSword and a gay porn superstar! For this NakedSword X Beau Butler fuck, Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Beau Butler is hooking up horny buddy Trevor Brooks with the XXL cock of Sir Peter. Trevor takes Sir’s dick like a pro and is left gaping from the hunk’s girthy hog. [See more]

16. Andrew Stark & Danny Starr

It’s the industry return of Andrew Stark! Yep, in the finale of The Swords: Final Cut, this gay porn icon is diving into NakedSword’s action-adventure franchise and flip-fucking tattooed muscle hunk Danny Starr before breaking into a high-suspense, gravity-defying fight sequence. [See more]

15. Pol Prince & Cade Maddox

Speaking of The Swords, the third installment of the thrilling saga, First Mission, has world-famous muscle hunk Cade Maddox opening up the film by taking to a French bathhouse to bury his thick dick in Pol Prince. [See more]

14. Colby Melvin & DeAngelo Jackson

Not only did Fan Male deliver plenty of memorable porn star interviews (you can catch up on those here, here, here, here, and here), but it also gave us a mouthwatering muscle fuck featuring the NakedSword Originals debuts of famous fuckers Colby Melvin and DeAngelo Jackson. [See more]

13. Max Konnor, Devin Franco, Eli Shaw, Hazel Hoffman, & Cristiano

Not only does this amateur fivesome feature some of the largest cast of any Private Collection video on NakedSword, but with Max Konnor and Devin Franco, it also features some of the series’ biggest dicks. [See more]

12. Luka Phoenix & Andre Bedford

Want even more big dick action? Then be sure to check out this scene from The Art of Swallowing that shows some of the year’s hottest face-fucking as Andre Bedford sets out to taste the legendary load of hung hunk Luka Pheonix. [See more]

11. Tony X, Sir Charlie, & Danny Steele

NakedSword is ending 2023 by jetting off to South Africa for the first movie in its new Global Entry travel series! The film’s finale has Tony X is making his NakedSword Originals debut by meeting up with local hotties Danny Steele and Sir Charlie for a versatile threeway where everyone in the trio is getting sucked and fucked. [See more]

Wait! There’s more! We’ll be unloading the rest picks for NakedSword’s top videos of 2023 later this week, so be sure to keep an eye out. Until then, let us know all your hot thoughts down in the comments and click over to NakedSword.com to watch all of these fan favorite fucks!

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5 thoughts on “Ranking the Top 20 NakedSword Scenes of 2023”

  1. Andrew Stark is so weird nowadays. His face looks droopy. Robotic eyes, very saggy skin. He should take care of his health and see a doctor if he has certain problems that are common among Hollywood actors.
    Max Konnor and Devin Franco: No. Just no.
    All those horrible, ugly tattoos: if I were these artists’s agent, I’d have them all erased to boost their careers. Some are handsome boys or guys. I don’t understand the need to ruin beautiful bodies with these really ugly, unnecessary tattoos.
    Dean Young, Damian Night, Jordan Starr, Tony X, Sir Charlie, Danny Steele, Eli Shaw, Hazel Hoffman, Cristiano, Trevor Brooks, Harvey Bridgestone, Jordan James: gorgeous.
    Sir Peter: meh. And the cinematography of the scene is terrible. Not even an OnlyFans amateur porn star has such a bad, blurry quality like that.

    1. I mean for sure. Anything with Colby Melvin, Andrew Stark, Cade Maddox and anything Beau Butler “directed” is a tragedy.

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