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WATCH: Diego Sans Reveals Former Fear of Getting Naked On Set

Pull out your popcorn! For the latest upload to the Falcon | NakedSword YouTube channel, we’re being treated to the entire pre-fuck interview from the debut scene to Fan Male – the NakedSword Originals film that’s all about porn stars opening up some titular Fan Male and answering your burning hot questions.

In the vid, we get to watch fan favorite studs Diego Sans and Devin Franco as they sit down with gay porn superfan P-Man to discuss everything from masturbation fantasies to scene partner selection. Plus, Diego even reveals that he used to have a fear of getting naked while on a porn set – until he realized that no one was paying attention or cared that he was stripping down!

If you watch to the end of this YouTube video with Devin and Diego, then you’ll notice that it cuts off right when we’re getting to the action and right before Diego pulls out his famously big cock to dick down Devin’s muscular bubble butt in some seemingly exhausting positions. This includes Diego holding up Devin’s entire body while eating out his hole and then having Devin be face-down-ass-up while reverse-mounting him. (If anyone has an official name for what that mounting position is actually called, please let us know in the comments below.)

Check out the full pre-fuck chat with Diego and Devin below and if you want to see all of Diego’s creative positions and all the other content you won’t find in a YouTube video, go ahead and click over to NakedSword.com to watch this entire Fan Male fuck.

[Watch FAN MALE ft. Diego Sans & Devin Franco]


17 thoughts on “WATCH: Diego Sans Reveals Former Fear of Getting Naked On Set”

    1. Devin is a fucking dream compared to the 40 packs a day voice of clearly coked up P Man.

      Wherefore art thou, Antonio Fargas?

  1. Gorgeous Diego Sans. Face of an International model, amazing body, marvelous skin tone. This Brazilian is a Global Beauty.

    1. I was unaware they were here to discuss neuroscience. Let’s see if I can do something about that for you…

      Hey, Naked Sword, the above gentleman would greatly appreciate it if everything in these blogs revolved around post-graduate level, intellectual discussions instead of porn. I know, so many here were under the opposite impression but the above gentleman has made it abundantly clear that we were wrong. Thank you with kind love.

      1. Neuroscience? They couldn’t even find that word in a dictionary. Look, we all know they don’t have any skills that can get them a job when the sex work dries up. It’s people who think that they are making some kind of life altering “art masterpiece” when they can barely finish a sentence. Cc: Sean Ford and Matthew Camp.
        Kind love.

        1. So you admit, there is nothing behind your comments other than just being nasty. I will take someone who is not as intellectual as I would like them to be over someone who is just plain mean spirited. Let me remind you of something, this is porn, not high art. If you are looking for something a little more intellectually stimulating, the Criterion website is quite easy to find.

    2. If you are going to accuse someone of being unintelligent, it’s probably a good idea to do so in correct English: “they are both equally as insufferable” must be followed by “as” and the comparator, for example you could have written “as insufferable as me”. Then again, none of us are perfect.

      1. Awww Geoffrey- that’s all you got? C’mon, with that big mighty brain of yours, you can do a lot better than that.

        1. Well, he did better than you. You have such a nasty attitude. It is no wonder you troll, it is the only way you can get attention.

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