Dean Young & Diego Sans Fuck It Up In South Africa

Dean Young’s passport is ready to get stamped and his hole is ready to be pounded in the premiere episode of Global Entry – the new international travel series we just told you about a few weeks ago that has NakedSword flying all over the world on a mission to learn everything there is to know about gay life with the help of some of the hottest men planet Earth has to offer.

The first installment of the series, Global Entry: South Africa, has NakedSword heading to the Rainbow Nation with horny tourists like Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Dean Young and A-list porn star Diego Sans. Along with some shots of the performers sightseeing their beautiful vacation destination, we get to watch as the two share their thoughts on their vacation destination before we see Dean meet up with Diego for some outdoor oral and rooftop rimming. Then, after putting their mouths to good use outside, Diego pumps the twink full of his big dick – and executes that one backward upside-down mounting position that we were obsessed with from his Fan Male fuck with Devin Franco. Take a look below:

Got any hot thoughts on this new scene? Have you ever been fucked with that backward mounting position? Let us know in the comments below and for even more from Global Entry: South Africa, click on over to “the Netflix of gay porn” –!

[Watch Dean Young & Diego Sans in GLOBAL ENTRY: SOUTH AFRICA]


20 thoughts on “Dean Young & Diego Sans Fuck It Up In South Africa”

  1. how old is this puffy, plastic faced dean Young in real years ?…35 something or more…?….OMG….Diego Sans…..timeless sexy!

  2. Love watching Dean get nailed again (how many cocks have been in him?!). He’s such a cutie so he should give the visits to the esthetician a break. Still a good fuck though either way. And Diego is such a hottie X

        1. Not defending but attacking the rudeness and immaturity of the person attacking their looks. Get a clue! If you are ok with the rudeness of the original comment, that says a lot about you, and not in a good way. And, I have met a number of porn performers. They would not only help a total stranger up if they fell, but make sure they were ok, and wait for the paramedics with them if they needed help. They are far nicer than the original poster, and apparently you since you are making sweeping judgements about people you have never met.

          1. Shut up bitch, your clueless. If you fall in public, my dog might pee on you. You would probably like that

          2. Shut up bitch, your clueless. If you fall in public, my dog might pee on you. You would probably like that

    1. What?

      He’s been in the industry for years, fucked pretty much anyone who is anyone, and he’s still hot as fuck!

      Career isn’t going down any time soon.

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