Joey Mills Tops (!) in Hot Flip with Trevor Brooks

It’s not like we’ve never seen Joey Mills top during his long career (which started in 2016), but it happens much less frequently these days than it used to—making the rare occurrences cause for celebration.

Fittingly, it now happens in this hot flip with Trevor Brooks—who started his career as a total bottom but has increasingly embraced his top side. These two both have big “top cocks,” so it’s great to see them put to great use!

Trevor Brooks. Joey Mills Trevor Brooks. Joey Mills

Trevor Brooks. Joey Mills Trevor Brooks. Joey Mills

This is a relatively “normal” scene from, which is a nice breath of fresh air. It starts with Joey lying back on the bed getting a face fuck from Trevor’s hot rod. Trevor then eats out his bud before taking him doggy, then fucks him piledriver.

Trevor Brooks. Joey Mills Trevor Brooks. Joey Mills

Trevor Brooks. Joey Mills Trevor Brooks. Joey Mills

Joey then gets his turn, licking Trevor’s hole before taking him from behind. Trevor turns over to take it some more, releasing his load before fucking Joey again as the twink mounts Trevor’s cock before releasing his load. What do you think of these two as tops?

Here are clips of both of them on top…

See the full scene at!

10 thoughts on “Joey Mills Tops (!) in Hot Flip with Trevor Brooks”

    1. Can Trevor Brooks and his poodle perm hurry up and get his first mugshot please? I’ve got a lot of money riding on it being by end of Feb.

  1. I remember when cute twink Joey came on the scene with his big dick, cock sucking lips, and those sexy braces. Now his jaw looks jacked up, his dick looks bent, and those braces didn’t seem to do shit for his teeth. At least his hole still looks sweet and not all stretched out

    1. Bit harsh there bud. I do wonder what happened with his teeth though. It looks like he needs braces not already had them. Too embarrassed to ask. Still, I’m a huge fan of his work, his TikToks (especially his house), and his advocacy behind the scenes for better pay in the industry.

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