Felix Jakes, Johny Walsh, Staxus

Apparently We’re Putting Carrots In Our Butts Now

Eating carrots helps improve eyesight, but does getting fucked by a carrot help improve anything?!

The newest scene from Staxus features skinny twinks Felix Jakes and Johny Walsh harvesting some fresh produce. One thing leads to another and Felix ends up with a bright orange carrot penetrating his boy hole. Johny eats his ass to lube up Felix’s backdoor so the carrot can enter with ease. We watch as Johny carefully pumps the carrot in and out of Felix’s tight hole and we get to see Johny jack off the carrot fucker’s thick, uncut cock as it hangs between his legs.

While this scene is a little weird, I’m sure it’s somewhat relatable to a lot of gay men. I’m almost positive that every gay out there has put some phallic-shaped produce up their hole at one point or another. Still though, I can’t imagine this is the most pleasurable experience. Maybe the studio should buy their sex toys from a sex shop next time and not Trader Joe’s.

Felix Jakes, Johny Walsh, StaxusFelix Jakes, Johny Walsh, Staxus

Be honest – have you ever shoved any fresh produce up your own hole? A carrot? A zucchini? A dragonfruit? Tell us about your pervert produce stories in the comments and be sure to check this entire scene out over on Staxus!


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