Troye Dean, Joey Mills, Dante Colle

Big-Dicked Troye Dean: Hotter on Bottom or Top?

The correct answer is both! Since debuting three months ago, cute twink Troye Dean (who sometimes borders on being an otter) has been going gangbusters at (remember when he got spit roasted through a bookshelf? Good times!). We just saw his ass get rescued by a sexy fireman, and now the newcomer has two more new scenes at the studio–including a rare appearance as a top! Which one looks hotter? Do you prefer Troye on bottom or top?

1. “Bait & Tackle” w/ Troye Dean & Joey Mills

Troye Dean, Joey Mills  Troye Dean, Joey Mills

Troye Dean, Joey Mills

Campers Troye and Joey Mills exchange glances as they piss, setting up the stage for some flirtation in the tent—where Joey backs up on that beast. After a 60 sesh, Joey takes it doggy before sitting down on it. Troye has one of those big and girthy cocks that just needs to top, so it’s great to see he’s up to the task (we saw him top once before, with Ryan Bailey in “All in the Fucking Family”). That thick shaft looks yummy stuffed into a hole (is it just me, or do these two kinda sorta look alike?!).

See Troye fuck Joey at!

2. “I’m Just A Hole, Sir (Part 2)” w/ Troye Dean & Dante Colle

Troye Dean, Dante Colle  Troye Dean, Dante Colle

Troye Dean, Dante Colle

With his fuzzy ass up in the air, Troye thinks he’s about to get pounded by a fuck buddy—but instead gets construction worker Dante Colle instead. Troye quickly warms up to the idea, and gets pounded from behind before the two 69 (yay! Dante sucks the bottom’s big dick!). We then get the hottest shot of these two scenes combined—Troye’s big boner bouncing up and down as he sits on Dante’s dick (such a hot visual!). The bottom (who looks a smidge furrier in this scene) then takes it on his back before getting a facial.

See Dante fuck Troye at!

Which position do you prefer seeing Troye in?

5 thoughts on “Big-Dicked Troye Dean: Hotter on Bottom or Top?”

  1. His bottoming is slightly better, but I know fucking in tent isn’t easy. So we need to see him topping out in the open: like by a high mountain lake at sun set, or better have them flip them we can compare in one clip.

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