Blast From the Past: We’re Flipping for This New Calvin Banks/Taylor Reign Scene

Have we wandered back in time to 2017?! Nope, and we aren’t at CockyBoys anymore, either. Veterans Calvin Banks and Taylor Reign flip fuck each other in this brand new scene, and it’s even better than we could have hope for.

Given that ColbyKnox has already transported us back in time to the ’80s with its totally tubular “Interview Hotshots” threeway, and to the ’90s with its award-winning Scream parody, why not transport us back to five years ago when we often saw Calvin and Taylor at CockyBoys? (Remember their hot threeway with Dillon Rossi? Yum!)

Taylor Reign, Calvin Banks Taylor Reign, Calvin Banks

For this fantastic reunion, ColbyKnox has put Calvin and Taylor in front of a beautiful pool backdrop as Taylor gives his buddy a massage, kneading his fine ass. And soon, Taylor is feeding Calvin, who slowly yet intensely slurps on Taylor’s big boner in a sensual face fuck punctuated by slurp sounds that make it even hotter.

Taylor Reign, Calvin Banks Taylor Reign, Calvin Banks

After a hot 69 (mmm, check out Calvin’s pits!), Taylor pins Calvin to the table with his dick, kissing his back as he fucks him (aww!). Calvin moans “God damn!’ as he takes it doggy, and then it’s Taylor’s turn to get  railed. The stud gets on his back, stroking his own big boner as Calvin slides inside. Calvin brings the bottom to the edge (I love when he strokes Taylor’s thick dick as he fucks him), Taylor’s hot muscles tightening up all over his body as the top fucks out a load before shooting one over him.

Taylor Reign, Calvin Banks Taylor Reign, Calvin Banks

Great to see that these “old timers” still got it!

See the full scene at ColbyKnox!

5 thoughts on “Blast From the Past: We’re Flipping for This New Calvin Banks/Taylor Reign Scene”

  1. In the past Calvin Banks was a bit extremely slutty, and not at all pleasant when he opened his mouth to speak… – but he’s changed drastically since then.
    Little Cal has become a whole different person.
    He has become not only a very handsome young Male, but also an adorable/lovable young man.

  2. Calvin Banks is one of those who I didn’t like at all in the past… – I always thought that something was wrong with him, that something was not clear about him…
    … – except that over the years, I have come to know and appreciate him. And now, for a few years now, I see him more as a sweet and adorable young teddy bear who makes me want to hug him tenderly, as if to protect him.
    … – he would have to stop his childishness/nonsense. I have reached the point of understanding him, he knows very well that he no longer needs to prove anything. He knows very well that he now has people who love him/appreciate him, and therefore are there by his side.

  3. Ok, there’s nothing wrong with overly-muscled, overly-tatted guys….it’s just that they seem to be “overly” represented in gay porn, especially among guys Calvin Banks’ age and above.

    So to me, Calvin Banks’ naturally sexy looks are oh so incredibly hot.

  4. Calvin’s always been sizzling. How great is it to have a hot porn star who DOES NOT shave his body hair?? Hairy pits, hairy hole, chest et al. Such a treat to see a man wanting to look like a MAN and not a boy….,!

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