Dean Young, Joey Mills

Bottom v. Bottom: Who Tops When Joey Mills & Dean Young Hook Up?

Yeah, we did a double take, too! What happens when two of the best bottoms in the business team up for some one-on-one action? Who do you think is going to top when Joey Mills and Dean Young strip down?

It’s not like we’ve never seen them top, but it’s a rare occasion—especially for Dean, who did a damn good job of it in that amazing Falcon Xman threeway with Damian Night and Dylan Hayes. But we’re far more accustomed to seeing him bend over, and he’s been killing it at Men recently—taking the big cock of Paddy O’Brian in the icon’s return to porn, and the big bushy dick of newcomer Victor De Orange. Meanwhile, Joey recently flipped with Trevor Brooks, but his trips on top the last few years have been few and far in between. Which makes it all the more fun that these two flip in their recent scene, giving us a taste of both on top!

Dean Young, Joey Mills Dean Young, Joey Mills

Dean Young, Joey Mills

The scene is the second installment in the “Joey’s Surf Vacation” series that debuted earlier this month, with Joey riding Troy Daniels’ fuzzy cock as Dean jacked off watching them. Now the two cuties get some private time chilling at the beach—where the kissing and touching starts. Back inside, they strip out of their wet suits—Joey with a big smile on his face as Dean’s uncut Irish meat pops out in his face.

Dean Young, Joey Mills Dean Young, Joey Mills

Dean Young, Joey Mills

After sucking Dean, Joey eats his hole and fucks him doggy—with Dean then returning the favor. Dean then gets a taste of Joey’s big twink dick before taking it on his back (this is my favorite sequence here, Dean’s dick nice and plump as he takes it). Joey then sits down on Dean’s dick, shooting his load before fingering Dean’s hole and taking a shot to the face.

So what say you: Who’s the better top? Who’s the better bottom?

See the full scene at!


12 thoughts on “Bottom v. Bottom: Who Tops When Joey Mills & Dean Young Hook Up?”

  1. Whats with all the hate. Two sexy boys surfing, kissing, licking arse and fucking each other. Whats not to like. Grow up boys it’s porn fo fuck’s sake… !

    1. Universal Potentate

      There’s a group of idiots (possibly 1 or 2 with a posting obsession) who feel the need to troll our message boards. We JUST ignore them.

  2. Any Thursday spring & summer 1981…memories.
    (except tan lines, some body hair, and third hand furniture in a shack in Topanga Canyon but, still….memories)

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