BREAKING: Falcon/Raging Stallion Acquires Hot House; Founder Steven Scarborough Retiring After 27 Years

Today one more of the major gay studio brands is becoming an AEBN property as Hot House announces it’s being merged into the Falcon/Raging Stallion family. Hot House will remain a separate brand name along with their ass-play-obsessed fetish line, Club Inferno Dungeon, but studio head Chris Ward will take over from Hot House founder Steven Scarborough, who’s announcing his retirement today as well.

Also, this means that Hot House content will once again be available on NakedSword, the country’s largest gay VOD membership site.

Scarborough (pictured) founded Hot House after leaving the employment of Falcon Studios in 1993 — he was also the ex-boyfriend and right-hand-man of late Falcon founder Chuck Holmes. He says the decision to sell the company came after finding out that the studio’s home in San Francisco was slated for demolition later this year to make way for a new office complex. Scarborough says that with rents as high as they currently are in the city, he thought this was an “opportune time to exit the industry and pursue other interests. ”

Both companies have issued press releases, with Ward saying, “We are excited to bring Hot House into the AEBN family of companies,” and noting that he started his own porn career at Hot House. “We plan to preserve and protect Steven’s outstanding legacy and continue filming in the Hot House tradition and style. Just as I worked hard to protect the Falcon legacy after the Falcon/Raging Stallion merger, I intend to make sure that Hot House fans keep getting exactly what they want.”

Scarborough says, “Because I came from Falcon and because Chris came from Hot House, I feel this deal is a perfect fit. I reached out to Chris because of our long history together. I am absolutely confident that Chris and his team will continue the Hot House tradition, which is something very, very important to me. I look forward to seeing Hot House remain an industry leader for years to come.” Scarborough also notes that both studios already operate under the Buddy Profits affiliate program, and Hot House director Christian Owen will stay on board to make films for the Hot House and Club Inferno brands.

This merger follows the major merger of Falcon and Raging Stallion under the AEBN umbrella two years ago. The North Carolina-based AEBN is the leader in streaming adult content, and is also the parent company of NakedSword.

Below, a clip of Scarborough in a rough cut of the upcoming documentary Seed Money, about the life and times and Chuck Holmes. He’s talking about directing one of Falcon’s groundbreaking fetish films of the 90s, Abduction.


15 thoughts on “BREAKING: Falcon/Raging Stallion Acquires Hot House; Founder Steven Scarborough Retiring After 27 Years”

  1. wayne36: You are totally right! That will be the way to make disappear his ugly and boring boyfriend: Jimmy Durano.

  2. After wringing every last nickel out of making the same formula movie for decades and shamelessly exploiting young gay men for profit don’t let the door hit you Stevie.

  3. The first thing that Chris Ward should do is FIRE Christian Owen! He’s never made a decent movie in his life!

  4. Great porn director with an amazing videography, he never lost sight of what was hot for the viewer … and wasn’t Paul Wagner hot?

  5. One downside is there is one less independent porn company. It was better when Falcon was not connected to Raging. But now all 3 major porn companies are one. They put out the same crap with the same performers over and over.

  6. Steve is terrific, and yup, VERY ATTRACTIVE! I think I recall Chuck Holmes mentioning that, as well! Steve is just an unassuming, natural gorgeous guy. Not pretentious, just cool.

    This seems like a good merger of top-tier brands, with a focus on quality and content.

    I will always remember his work at Falcon, particularly with the “Code Of Conduct” video’s – they still stand up as hot as hell story lines, with an outstanding cast, and some fun, wild stuff.

    Everything about Hot House has been good too, great set-up’s, terrific cast members, and care in production.

    I do hope that Scarborough is not going to fully “retire” , and will work with Chris Ward on occasion, with his unique artistic style.

    This is a win for AEBN, and a plus for consumers ( I hope ). Steven Scarborough is an ICON, and created some of the very best work out there, bar-none. Fearless, progressive and just a bit kinky.

    How many of us watched his video’s and were inspired, and empowered to express feelings and engage in scenes we might have been shy about?

    Count me IN!

  7. I always loved this video. Steven with this guy Brent who is also hot interviewing a clearly shy Paul Wagner!

  8. That pic is so misleading and heavily photoshopped.

    With that said, I’ve seen pics and videos of Scarborough and he has always been a very handsome guy, when he was muscular and not-so-muscular. He is one sexy daddy, and he has a small lisp that doesn’t bother me at all.

  9. Oh no! Does this mean everyone at Hot House will be forced to grow a beard too?
    This guy created a gay porn company that really made you proud to be gay. I remember seeing my first Falcon flicks in the late 80s and early 90s with the hottest guys in the world having gay sex. It really made you proud to be gay!

  10. I know I’ll sound completely shallow after this very businesslike article, but Scarborough looks exceedingly hot! (assuming he’s the one in the photo)

    1. I always thought he had “Big Dick Face”. The man is super hot and should have been in porn, not producing it.

    2. I’ve had a crush on him for years and always hoped he would appear in one of his own movies.

      Originally, I considered leaving a comment on this story saying I’d miss him. But now that I think about it, what exactly would I miss? Other than a cameo in that Shane Rollins movie and a few interviews, I rarely see him since his work was mostly behind the scenes. Or maybe it’s just me worrying that his departure will mean a lack in quality for future Hot House movies. I don’t know. I’ll try to reserve judgment for now.

      Just in case he reads this, while I’m sad to see you go, enjoy your retirement. Also, give me some of that money. You don’t need all of it. XD

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