Breaking News: Paddy O’Brian Bottoms For The First Time…For Topher DiMaggio!

Last week, The Sword was the first and only blog to reveal that Paddy O’Brian’s first time getting fucked was with Rocco Reed, and this week, The Sword has another exclusive: Paddy O’Brian’s first time getting fucked is with power top Topher DiMaggio!

Every other blog either doesn’t care, doesn’t know, or is in the pocket of and doesn’t want to get in trouble by spoiling their surprise, so The Sword is proud to be the only one to tell you the TRUTH, even if it means that truth is actually FALSE, which is what happened last week when I said that Paddy’s top was Rocco Reed. As it happens, I was wrong. Rocco Reed is not Paddy O’Brian’s top, because the top to fuck Paddy O’Brian for the first time is actually Topher DiMaggio.

The FUPA that indicated it might be Rocco Reed must’ve just been an unfortunate camera angle, because the new photo released today (below) showing Paddy getting fucked reveals definitively and conclusively that Topher DiMaggio fucked Paddy O’Brian. (The actual scene won’t be released until later this month.) Topher doesn’t have a FUPA, but he does have bulging veins in his right forearm and a cute little mole on his chest.

Exhibit A: The distinct veins in Topher DiMaggio’s right forearm and hand are identical to the veins in the right forearm and hand of Paddy O’Brian’s top. Therefore, The Sword can confirm that Topher DiMaggio fucked Paddy O’Brian for

Exhibit B: The unique mole atop Topher DiMaggio’s abdomen is identical to the mole atop the abdomen of Paddy O’Brian’s top.

I know my Topher. You can watch Paddy O’Brian get fucked for the first time ever when Topher DiMaggio fucks him later this month on Now that you know Rocco Reed won’t be in this scene, don’t you kind of want to watch it?

[ Topher DiMaggio Fucks Paddy O’Brian]

Additional photos via Cocksure Men, Dominic Ford, Andrew Christian, and Bad Puppy.


33 thoughts on “Breaking News: Paddy O’Brian Bottoms For The First Time…For Topher DiMaggio!”

  1. Topher is very very hot..fuck off haters..he has a gorgeous face and body and always brings the scenes to live. I’d like to see him bottom once..would be aswome..but will he ever?

  2. He’s a raunchy lil Brit boy with a hot body, some fur and a good attitude, what’s not to love? Can’t wait for the scene.

  3. My hope is that this is an actual penetration scene and not one of those “See Cody Cummings Get Fucked” scenes that NDS hyped. Look what happened to that douche’s career. I don’t want that to happen to Paddy. Fake sex went out in the early 80’s…thank God.

  4. ..I find videos hyping these so called popular sex workers so boring…as a matter of fact i find most vids boring:-(

    1. Paddy is getting fucked by Topher DiMaggio, obviously he is going to enjoy it! What is the reason behind all the hate for Topher anyway? He is gorgeous, hung, hot body and has charisma. Yeah I am a big Topher fan, and I noticed that it is Topher that makes the scenes sizzling not his scene partners. I think he’s the best top right now. Haters be haters…!

  5. I think topher is simply gorgeous, gives good head and is a good kisser with the right partner (he was excellent for randy blue) BUT it’s also clear topher MUST BOTTOM soo, his ass is also to die for

  6. I’m sure Paddy would have preferred Rocco–A limp dick is much less torturous for your first time…

  7. Topher is dull as dishwater and gorgeously compelling to look at. I’m sure it’s him. I am unlike the others who hope he bottoms because I think it would look like an inanimate object getting fucked. His boyfriend is gorgeous, compelling, totally versatile, and seems like a really nice guy. Nothing Topher has ever been accused of. Lance will be leaving Topher in the dust

  8. I get it that you and have a little feud going on, but it doesn’t seem sporting to reveal the secret.

    1. Huh? This is free publicity for a scene that they’re begging people to speculate about for a month. Grow up.

      And feud? There is no feud.

    2. Well what a fucking stupid statement. If they didn’t want to reveal the “secret” of the top then they would have never posted photos or videos showing the top in any way. They clearly put those on there to stir awareness on this scene and keep us guessing until the scene is finally out.

      Also, for all we know maybe he did bottom for Rocco Reed too. There’s no telling how many times Paddy has bottomed for, seeing as how there is a good amount of time passing between the date of production to the date of release.

  9. Maybe he has two tops!!

    Also, lol @ the middle-aged queens talking about Rocco Reed’s “FUPA”…

  10. I’m sure it was as much torturous for Topher as it was for Paddy. And will be so for us. Case closed. :D

  11. …What about the Arabic tattoo that’s not present in the picture with Paddy? I still say Paul Walker,or Spencer Fox!

  12. If it’s true, too bad. I think DiMaggio is kind of boring. But seeing how much Paddy got into it. Could be very hot.

    1. Paddy used a dildo in an earlier solo scene before he got to be “Paddy.” So, it was only a matter of time.

      1. Doesn’t it seem as if Paddy always needs something up his ass to get off? I always seem to see him with something up his ass.

  13. It actually wasn’t a bad camera angle. Topher’s stomach isn’t completely flat and chiseled. Yea you can see some form of abs, but there is a slight bit of fat, or just skin, that gives him just a hint of fupa, but nothing like Rocco’s though. Most of the pics have photoshopped some of that out, as indicated in the pics with the white backdrop.

  14. So….you want credit for being wrong? If you received credit for every time you were wrong, you’d have more praise than a Baptist Church at Easter.

  15. Nice but I wish they would have picked someone a little more masculine for the job. I think both are hot though as long as they dont talk. The Brit accent from Paddy is a turn off for me.

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