Brent Corrigan Likes “Big Ones,” Wants To Grow Up

Not exactly breaking news to hear Brent talk about liking big drinks/dicks, but what is fun about this clip is watching him stutter over the word “Parliament.” And, in a Corrigan trademark maneuver, he even nervously tousles his hair towards the end. Watch below.


Video via Fabscout, who did mini interviews with several stars at last weekend’s Gay Days in Orlando.

12 thoughts on “Brent Corrigan Likes “Big Ones,” Wants To Grow Up”

  1. pfff, never understood what the ‘big’ thing was about him. yeh he can bottom like a bitch and it does excite me to see that but as fr as real male beauty is cocnerned he’s about average not more, still there’s a lace for everyone i guess.

        1. I love little gay boys, and I love not-so gay boys. Actually I like gay guys to be whoever they are, without having to worry that one of our own is going to gay bash them for no other reason than to prove he’s a “regular” dude. So yeah I have a problem with gay guys who bitch about other gay guys being “too gay.”

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