bruce beckham fucks brogan reed raging stallion

The Real WMD On The “Destroyer” Is Between Bruce Beckham’s Legs

Brogan Reed is reading a fuck mag instead of cleaning his quarters. The doesn’t sit well with the anal chain of command on this ship.

The RSS “Destroyer” pulled out of port last week with the rare sighting of Tegan Zayne topping as he flipped with Spencer Whitman.

Now out at sea, sailor Brogan Reed is getting a little lazy.

And a little sloppy.

First Bruce reams him figurately. Then he reams him literally.

bruce beckham fucks brogan reed raging stallionMen, muscle, seamen, and semen. We’re already off to a good start. Bruce Beckham is his hairy handsome self as the menacing Commanding Officer. Brogan Reed is smooth, ripped, and in need of discipline. Bruce first makes Brogan clean his quarters on his hands and knees. Since he was already in position, the next thing that gets cleaned is Bruce’s hole.

bruce beckham fucks brogan reed raging stallionWith his CO’s muscle ass now ship shape, Brogan spit shines the big dick on the flip side.

bruce beckham fucks brogan reed raging stallionBruce grunts out “take it bitch” and drills Brogan from behind, then doggie, then he flips Brogan on his back and cums all over the swabbie’s dick. Now it’s Bruce’s turn to hit the deck and Brogan’s turn, as you see below, to send the semen on liberty … all over his CO’s back.

[Watch Brogan Reed & Bruce Beckham in “Destroyer” scene two at Rgaing Stallion]

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