jj knight fucks brendan phillips falcon

Knight Time At The Day Spa

Brendan Phillips was supposed to work on JJ’s sore back. But JJ’s donkey dick ended up leaving Brendan with a sore hole.

The minute Falcon Studio Group exclusive JJ Knight steps out of the hot tub and gets under the shower, he pulls Brendan under the water with him.

The salt scrub and rub down he had booked goes out the window … along with Brendan’s gag reflex. Once JJ presses that enormous cock into Brendan’s hand, Brendan immediately realizes right from the start that this appointment is going to end with two happy endings.

jj knight fucks brendan phillips falconBoth Brendan and JJ had good bodies to begin with but they have honed them to a lean perfection. Brendan is close cropped for his Falcon debut and JJ is sporting a new hair cut a touch of ginger. Fortunately, Brendan likes things big and spicy. In this scene from “Deep Release”, the only muscle that actually gets rubbed is his sphincter.

jj knight fucks brendan phillips falconBrendan oral skills have been tested. He can handle the length; the problem is JJ’s girth. Initially, that is. But he and JJ know what to do. If it doesn’t fit in the attic, stuff it in the basement.

jj knight fucks brendan phillips falconJJ’s tongue in Brendan’s hole works its magic. Then his cock does the same. After taking a ride on that monster, JJ flips Brendan on his back and proceeds with a power pummeling that has Brendan creaming his abs. Then JJ pulls out, aims his hose and covers Brendan’s torso with a rapid fire of heavy spurts. Another “Deep Release” with a very happy, and sloppy ending.

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