chris bines and jj knight

Chis Bines Works A Epic Load From JJ Knight’s Epic Dick

If you think Chris Bines looks hot getting his ass split by JJ Knight’s donkey dick, wait until you see that handsome face and beard dripping from JJ’s cum shower

Holy shit. Just check out Chris Bines. He is both leaner and more muscular at the same time. Letting his body grow in is just the icing. The way he deep throats JJ Knight, he’s definitely hungry today too. And we’re just getting started with “Cruising Grounds” the new DVD from Hot House.

chris bines and jj knight
After last week with Kyle Kash and of course, in the Hottest Cock in Gay Porn Finals, we’ve become accustomed to how fine both of JJ Knight’s heads are looking these days. Chris Bines, though, even compared to his scene with Micah Brandt a few weeks ago, he has never looked better. Today we have a pairing of two studs at the top of their game. Game on.

chris bines and jj knight
Even Chris’ ass looks like it has filled out. “Cruising Grounds” opens with JJ Knight rubbing his bulge as Chris is walking by. Even though you can see that basket from a mile away, Chris gets close enough for JJ to feel Chris’ breathe on his cockhead as his rising pole snakes out of one of the holes in jeans.

chris bines and jj knight
Chris Bines next gives a frothy blowjob that leaves him red-faced and watery-eyed as he deep throats more of JJ Knight than I ever seen any man do before.

chris bines and jj knight
When it comes to eating ass, the meal JJ Knight makes out of Chris’s hole could feed an average family of five for a week. Then it’s his dick’s turn. After teasing Chris’ ass lips with the knob, he drives it all deep, pounds, flips Chris over and keeps pounding until he’s delivered Chris to Jizz Town. Then he stands over Chris’ face and unleashes a visual of what an epic cumshot actually looks like.

[Chris Bines & JJ Knight in “Cruising Grounds”]

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