Chris Evans

Chris Evans Just Accidentally Posted A Dick Pic

Yes, you read that right. Chris Evans just sent out a dick pic to his 5.7 million Instagram followers!

We’re still not really sure what exactly happened, but according to a bunch of Chris-hungry Twitter users, a photo of a thick dick was posted to Chris Evans’ Instagram earlier today. The now-deleted cock shot could be seen in a screen recording of a Heads Up game that was posted to his Instagram story.

The Heads Up screen recording features some cute, innocent fun between Chris and his openly gay brother, Scott Evans. Shortly after the screen recording ends, viewers were able to get a quick glimpse into the phone’s camera roll. The camera roll features various photos of Chris, Heads Up videos, and if you look down at the third most recent piece of media in the album, you’ll see a black and white photo of a big, honkin’ cock!

While the cock looks girthy and delicious, we’re still not super positive about who it belongs to. If Chris posted this, then it could obviously belong to him, but this could be a screen recording taken from someone else’s phone. If it’s someone else’s camera roll, then it could easily be someone else’s junk! For all we know, it could be his brother’s dick.

If it is Chris’ cock and it’s his recent photos that we’re getting a look at, I’m curious to know why he has a bunch of random photos of himself saved to his phone. And if this is his brother’s camera roll, then I’m even more curious as to why there’s a bunch of Chris photos saved to his phone. But to be honest, I mostly just need to know the story behind the “GUARD. THAT. PUSSY.” photo.

What do you think about this? Are you impressed with that dick pic? Do you think that’s actually a photo of Chris’ cock? Do you think it’s his brother’s schlong? Do you think that thick cock belongs to either of them? Sound off in the comments below.


23 thoughts on “Chris Evans Just Accidentally Posted A Dick Pic”

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  4. I gave a “REAL” Dick Pix of Chris Evans and his Ass Crack! I am convinced that, the dick you see, belongs to his brother!

  5. Why is it considered “girthy” anyway? I see nothing in the shot for size reference. Just tapering over its length says nothing about girth! Lots of small cocks are tapered that way.


    I doubt that’s his camera roll. Why would he be saving cheesy pics of himself? I think that’s his brother’s camera roll and his cock.

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