Boys Will Be Boys

CockyBoys & RandyBlue Debut Anticipated Crossover ‘Boys Will Be Boys’

It’s been a month since the CockyBoys/RandyBlue co-production Boys Will Be Boys was officially announced, and now the debut scene from the anticipated project has finally arrived!

We know you’re particularly thirsty to see the return of gay porn legend Andrew Stark, and also the return of Diego Sans, to the studio that made them famous. You’re going to have to wait a little longer to see them in action, but you see a shirtless Andrew at the breakfast table here (mmm, Trix!) and you can also get a glimpse of their scenes (and their cocks) in the trailer for the full film below. For the first scene of the film, we get to see hotties Derek Kage and Lane Colten in action.

Boys Will Be Boys Boys Will Be Boys

Lane Colten, Derek Kage Lane Colten, Derek Kage

Derek and Lane have great chemistry together, and dear lord would you look at how fucking adorable Lane’s smile is in that group shot atop the page, and throughout the scene?! He has such a positive energy and clearly loves sex…he’s so damn cute I can’t stand it, and his expressive face often distracts me from the hot cocks on display.

Lane Colten, Derek Kage Lane Colten, Derek Kage

Lane Colten, Derek Kage Lane Colten, Derek Kage

Lane slurps on Derek’s uncut cock, then gets his hole munched in a few positions. But the real joy here is watching how big and hard Lane’s gorgeous cock stays as he gets fucked, especially when he sits down on Derek (look at that girthy cock bob around…that thick mushroom head is so hot!).

Lane Colten, Derek Kage Lane Colten, Derek Kage

Lane Colten, Derek Kage Lane Colten, Derek Kage

When Lane gets fucked from behind, he reaches back with a smile and grips Derek’s pec in a hot moment. I wish we got to see a little more of Derek sucking Lane, which he briefly does as the bottom gets on his back. Lane then stays stiff as he takes it missionary, shooting a hot load before the top squirts on his dick (hot!).

Lane Colten, Derek Kage Lane Colten, Derek Kage

Lane Colten, Derek Kage Lane Colten, Derek Kage

The project also features Stark and Sans along with CockyBoys exclusives Tristan Hunter, Daniel Evans, Evan Knoxx and Greyson Myles; and Trevor Brooks and Sean Xavier. Check out the scene and film trailers below!

See Derek fuck Lane at CockyBoys…

…and here’s the trailer for the full movie Boys Will Be Boys:


14 thoughts on “CockyBoys & RandyBlue Debut Anticipated Crossover ‘Boys Will Be Boys’”

  1. Thank you for a great scene Lane & Derek, smoking hot. Already looking forward to seeing Legendary Andrew Stark return for a scene. Welcome back Randy Blue.

  2. Oh my! What could be better: bottoms hard while being fucked; tops showing some tenderness while still pounding away; all the while being well shot. What is this the late 80’s?

  3. Andrew Stark a gay porn legend?!?!? Puh-leeze. Words like “legend” and “icon” are thrown around way too loosely these days. Here are a half-dozen genuine gay porn legends —

    Jack Wrangler
    Al Parker
    Jeff Stryker
    Rex Chandler
    Ryan Idol
    Dick Masters

    Now those guys are legendary!!!

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