Cody Cummings Vs. Next Door Studios: “I Hired An Attorney To Reclaim My Name”

In addition to his retirement video posted earlier today, Kevin Lengyel (a.k.a. Cody Cummings) has also posted a lengthy video detailing his explosive falling out with the owner of Next Door Studios.

In the YouTube video below, Lengyel explains that his decision to retire was based in part on the fact that customers were growing tired of watching him get his dick sucked in update after update without ever reciprocating or even touching his gay male scene partners (unless you count the time he used his knee to massage Donny Wright’s butt cheek or that other time when he used his toes to jerk off Hunter Page’s cock).

In response to the blowjob fatigue, Lengyel proposed shooting more bisexual content (with more women, obviously), but Next Door Studios and its affiliates were like, uhhh, no. Does the person in this video comprehend that he’s been working in the gay porn industry for the past decade? Hello?

“The company I was with wanted to go in a different direction,” he says, before going on to acknowledge that “getting blown” all the time is admittedly a “boring” thing to watch, even for gay men.

In case you don’t have the patience (or simply don’t care), the 16-minute clip gets even better toward the end, as Miss Cummings goes on to admonish his producers for not filming his contractually-binding single straight scene per month, apologizes to the fan(s?) who was depending on that content, and then reads from a confidential(?) company email while an insane and out of control leaf blower blares away off camera. Is this even real? What is it with Cody Cummings and things always being blown?

Finally, Lengyel reveals that he hired an attorney to try and fight for his stage name, but unfortunately he’ll have to go by “Kevin” from now on (“Cody Cummings” and the domain belong to Next Door Studios). Lengyel also goes into detail about what he calls “mismanagement” at Next Door Studios, as models were allegedly brought on set to film before their STD test results had come back, including one female model scheduled to work with Cummings who didn’t “pass” her test. The leaf blower can be heard throughout the entire second half of the video.

With the bitter departure of Cody Cummings, Next Door Studios loses its last performer-focused site, having fired Austin Wilde, Marcus Mojo, Rod Daily, and several others last year. Maybe Cody Cummings can go work in the open, tolerant, and accepting straight side of the porn industry now, where he’ll surely receive a warm welcome after having let gay guys suck his dick for the past 10 years.

UPDATE: Kevin Lengyel decided to pull his original YouTube video. Luckily, I saved a copy before he removed it. It’s long, so it might take a couple minutes to load.

76 thoughts on “Cody Cummings Vs. Next Door Studios: “I Hired An Attorney To Reclaim My Name””

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  3. I’m confused – if he’s retired, why does he need the name “Cody Cummings”? Because he’s a piece-of-shit liar? Just asking.

  4. Just reading the comments it, appears that most of the participants in the discussions most seem to have the same childish and childlike mental level of such. Not totally updated in the career of “Mr Cummings”. you all seem to have such a delight in the demise of a person who has helped that organization reach level of followers.
    You all are actually tearing down “The Man” that has made strides that many of you have benefited.
    It is difficult for many to take a stand on the highroad and not speak with so much negative force, that one day you may be the target of a corporate wrath. Again it’s difficult to bite the hand that feeds you.
    It would behoove most to rethink the way the choose to express dislike or discontent for”Mr Cummings”
    One last point I’d like to express that when ones name is take even as brand all one has left is dignity.

  5. Sorry but all I was thinking throughout the video is “man I wish I was that dog right there with my face in his crotch!” Lmao!

    1. That’s not the same person as the Kevin Lengyel who played Cody Cummings. At least, not unless some doctor has perfected transplanting brains into different bodies and it failed to make the news.

  6. Hey Kevin

    You have everything in your favour right now its just alittle hard to see. You have the power to make the decision to change your direction not alot of people have that power. Good for you. The name cody cummings is worthless with out you attached. Nextdoor studios and its owner is replaceable just as anyone else. Your decision to move on is a great decision. Go with it and don’t look back. Nice to see someone moving on from the porn industry without losing there life.


  7. What is with NextDoorStudios ?

    Do they have bad blood with all of their one-time exclusives?

    The most recent set of exclusives have either quit porn or are Rod Daily.

  8. I guess the moral to the story is: save money (you’re not in this industry forever), understand legal issues surrounding your stage and domain names, stay in school, understand that some people in your personal won’t like your current career choice and have an exit plan.

  9. Since his big issue is that his ‘brand’ is still owned by NDS, I think it would be a riot if NDS ‘recast’ someone new as Cody Cummings (it’s done all the time in the regular entertainment world) …. and make the “new” Cody Cummings a big power bottom. Do it NDS, DO IT !!!

  10. Oh well. His “gay porn” videos were pathetic. What I’m really curious about is mr.cummings Shadow Kiss scene partner Anthony Romero! I didn’t see any post about his retirement(besides the post on who’s retired in 2013 thus far) and this makes me sad. What happened to him? Wasnt he voted the swords performer of the year? Sigh. He’s missed.

  11. Good riddance, finally he’s out. Looks can only get you so far and unfortunately for him, he’s not aging so well, plus ALL of his videos are boring! Let him go to the straight industry so he can make all the thousands of dollars from the straight dudes that want to see him with all these girls…LOL… He needs a reality check and to get down from that pedestal he’s in which was given to him by the multitude of old gay losers who idolize someone that only delivers so little. Jake Genesis is out, and now Cody Cummings as well! Now if we can get rid of Rod Daily as well…he’s just so boring which is sad because I know at least he tries!

  12. While I usually hesitate before calling someone dumb, the epitaph fits in this case.

    He hired an attorney to look over what looks like a three page “contract”. The lawyer finds the “real” issue which is that someone worked as both Cody’s agent and his producer. This is a big deal in terms of entertainment contracts and it could have long term effects on the modeling agent’s licence in California. After all, agents are meant to protect talent from the business practices of the producers in order to earn their 10%. This guy was taking a cut of salary for video that he was producing.

    However, Cody dismisses this issue in the video and chooses to focus on an incident in a single scene. Most contracts have a mediation clause, any contract would want to own the name and website, and the time to look over a contract is before one signs not after one is fired. This guy is a big dummy who doesn’t even know what to do with the limited knowledge that he has acquired.

    Also, once the first car started to make noise during the filming of this video – move inside, you big dummy.

    1. Oliver, I love how you put together a thoughtful and insightful argument for why this contract is bad…however, keep in mind, this is PORN where the model waives the right to sue for:

      a. liability of defamation(the video will destroy your reputation)
      b. health risks apart of the job(in case you get an infection)

      He just wanted money for doing absolutely nothing, and fuck random girls.–Does NOT give a rats ass about ROI or future endeavors.

      Also, this guy clearly isn’t really involved with the outcome; He is just bitter, that NDS can’t continue on with the complete and utter catering to his whims. NDS kissed his ass for so long, to placate him and keep the money rolling in, and he got comfortable with it-which was stupid on his part as with everything there is an end.

      Now that NDS has rung that income string dry, they don’t give a shit. He was nothing, and should have kept a level head the whole time. But by going on a tangent, like he has with his videos, no one will want to work with him. His name is mud. Both in porn, and now with his personal life.

      Good luck to the “fiancé,” who probably is some random girl he met on set. She will dump him, watch.

      He is spiraling.

      1. Thanks for your review. I agree. It is like hiring a vegan to work at butcher shop because he is cute. Eventually customers are going to stop wanting to feel guilty about ordering meat and the butcher is going to have to get rid of the vegan. No harm, no foul (or fowl).

        However, I still find the agent/producer thing fascinating. I wonder if other adult oriented agencies also produce content? – it’s a bad practice.

  13. Well, I for one, like this. Yes, so he rambles a bit, and is in “Cody is Speaking” mode, but I thought he was honest as much as he could be as a performer currently stuck in between being “Cody the porn star” and a man deciding what he wants to do with his life, and who he wants to be. The issue of inclusion of bisexual material on his site, whether contractually obligated (as he purports) or not, IS important and valid — and I liked that he spoke to this in his own voice. Dog cute.

  14. What a douche bag. He’s spent the last ten years stripping, dancing,fucking strange women in the back seat of cars on film,and gay porn.Does he remember sucking Tommy D’s dick.He loses custody of his only kid, who wont share his last name, and he has the nerve to say he has no regrets. Loser. Get a real 9 to 5 . Mickey D’s, car wash,adult book store one of them will hire you.Just stop making videos crying how they did you wrong. The average porn career is 1 or 2 movies, not 10 years. Face it you got long in the tooth and its time to move on.

  15. HeydrichMuller

    Lots of passive-aggressive bitterness on this forum. The man has made a decision that works for him & his family and should be applauded. I have enjoyed some of his performances and will probably miss him but all I can do is wish him all the best. It wont be easy reassembling fractured pieces of familial discourse but trust me, it is well worth the effort. Good luck & Cheers.

  16. Cody Cummings was a total fake, the fantasy that he was actually having sex with the like of Brandon Lewis was stupid there was no proof of actual penetration and he just got more stupid over the years. He deserves what is coming to him and I’m glad they fired him he was really boring and if he does go to straight porn then good good for them he will never make the money he was from the gay porn sites. I hope he never gets the rights to his stage name he deserves losing it for all the lame porn he made. He is a total drama queen and doesn’t even really deserve to be in porn anymore straight or gay. McDonald’s might hire him because that is all he is good for flipping burgers. NDS did right by firing him Way to go on that move.

  17. He should have been the first person that was fired last year. I don’t understand there thinking on keeping this douche bag around and not Marcus Mojo. Good riddance to bad rubbish

  18. Cody, it’s time you go and get a regular 9 to 5 job. With those muscles and the suppos-ed fact that the housing market is recovering, I would suggest a construction job. Brownie points… you get to work on your tan all day, Yay!

  19. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt after his first video, but after seeing this one that was truly wasted on my part. What a fucking diva. Regardless of whether all of that said was true at all, airing out all this on the internet is extremely messy and if he really did consider any legal actions he would have most certainly lost his case already.

  20. this man is just the worst thing i ever saw. i’m glad he retired because everytime i saw him his face just piss me off. goodbye and don’t come back.

    1. As opposed to a women’s fist up your ass, and the taste of another man’s jizz from her puss…

      Cody, are you trolling boards now?–Welcome to the club!

  21. He’s 34 years old. He was too old to keep doing it, and NDS knew that. They look like they’re trying to start from scratch with newer models who will work for less.

      1. He’s probably ancient in next door world although I still think its funny they tried to pass off the now gone vinnie Castillo as 26. In real life though he’s kind of fucked. No education and a resume that consists of fast food stripping and porn.

  22. Is this crazy or what? Cody makes a video saying they wont put more bi content on a gay site really.If he found watching a man only getting blown over and over, why did’nt he suck dick or spread his legs sometime?The truth is people got tired of his shit. I was a ND member, but I too got tired of Cody with his expanding his boundries.In six years he licked his own dick twice and stuck a one inch dildo up his butt.On his live shows he stated that he would never go any futher in what he does,so why video. You say you arnt gay so why all the fuse about the name and brand. Unless you plan to do more gay porn the name is useless. You’ve been with hundreds of men over the years, more than men who claim to be gay.The truth is he has no other skill than fucking.Instead of having people send tennis shoe and jersey they should have been sending money for a college fund. The boy has no prospects other than porn. Good luck with the str8 site if they will have you. I once told Cody he would end up sucking dick for 20 dollars a pop. That just may come treu.

  23. On his twitter page he sings a different tune about his departure from nds. I guess a lot changed in under 24 hours. I’m sure going by his real name and continuing a career in porn will really help his relationship with his daughter.

    Bi porn is rare now because it doesn’t sell so good luck with that one Kevin.

  24. “Maybe Cody Cummings can go work in the open, tolerant, and accepting straight side of the porn industry now, where he’ll surely receive a warm welcome after having let gay guys suck his dick for the past 10 years.”
    —I love you, bitch!

  25. Yea. Maybe instead of a lollipop, next time he can stick a hotdog in his ass during his future “bi” scenes!

  26. I could actually see him on The Real Housewives of Orange County. A twist, yes, however his diva-mess would fit right in over there with all of the job losses, evictions, mortgage defaults, foreclosures, and marital stresses and failed parent-hood going on over there – he’d fit right in.

    Come on down – Slim Shady Cummings! (screen-test required)

  27. Does Cody Cummings actually think more bisexual content is the answer to this situation he’s in. If so, he’s sadly mistaken. If you want to work for a gay porn company, you have to do WAY more with guys than what you’ve been doing for the last several years. Since the possibility of that happening is pretty damn remote, it’s time to pack your bags and move on sunshine. Getting blown by guys is just not enough to make the cut anymore and he knows it or at least he should.

    If he wants to continue in the adult industry as a performer, then start your own website and pound chicks until the cows come home or find a straight company who wants to hire you – be prepared for a paycut if you choose this option. But if you want to gear your content to gay guys, either man up and start fucking or getting fucked or go home, because the gravy train ride is over.

    You’ve had it good Cody and you know it. Time to start really working for the money honey……

  28. All the clip needs is the song ‘Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead’.

    Gay4Pay took a huge hit with this one. But I’m sure a clever guy like Keving made a shitload of money off his fans and can comfortably retire and do very straight stuff very straight guys like him do in their very straight life.

    1. Who are you kidding!?! HE PROBABLY BLEW THROUGH THOSE PAY CHECKS AND NEVER SAVED ANY! You are giving him too much credit! He bought a truck with his money and the rest paid towards stupid crap. And getting lawyers isn’t cheap, clearly he needed a lot of them over the course of the past decade.

      This guy is back to square one, and rightly so.

      His best shot is working at an garage. At this rate, he might be luck if he can since jobs are so scarce for people.

      1. True, he alluded in the video he doesn’t have much money saved. Straight porn pays nothing for male talent. Factor in child support, rent, monthly bills etc. I doubt he has much money left. A lot of guys leave porn worse off financially then when they started.

      2. Sorry, if my comment wasn’t sarcastic enough. I though it was and it was intended to be sarastic with all the stuff aobut him being clever, smart and all that very straight terminology.

  29. If he attempts to come back to gay porn and any studio works with him. They are fools. You’re straight, so go work in straight porn, even if the money isn’t as good.

    He’s so deep with his hot dog analogy.

    1. I genuinely could see Chris Ward stupid enough to pick him up and give him an exclusive contract. Lately he has not hesitated working with g4p performers, no matter how terrible they are.

  30. Perez Hilton is Ron Perlman

    He could always change his stage name to Deek Suhkah and write a bi kama sutra guide to not having anything ever go in your butt lovemaking.

    1. Saw him at the gym today — not as attractive in person. And he was with Jimmy Durano who is a complete troll.

      Do they airbrush every frame like Hollywood studios do?

    2. Yea like it has been mentioned before I see him going all out before he quits porn, even a watersports and fisting scene at LucasRaunch. I don’t think he has any skills other than working at a beauty salon as the eyebrow expert. And he has a real douchebag personality most porn stars who run into him don’t like him. A Randy Blue model had a friend who introduced him to Topher and immediately after saying hello Topher started critiquing his hair, his skin quality, the way he dressed, etc. I mean, who fucking does that in real life? The guy is short and looks so fake. I don’t really care whether he is amazing in porn or not I just want him to go away forever.

      1. ha ha ha….was it Sean Zevran who got read by Topher? Topher is trade, he is so jaded by it-like most porn models.

        If it was Sean, he needed a good dose of Topher. Sean tends to think he is the smartest person in the room sometimes, and when Sean presumes he is not, really tries to make the impression so. IT is so grating and annoying along with his contention that his penis is huge… Dude, it looks like it is average or regular, much like your intellectual prowess. How can you be that out of touch with reality?

        But Sean seems to be getting better as he matures.

        1. Nah it wasn’t Sean and I won’t mention who it is.

          As far as Sean goes I’ve never seen him in person, but he is by far much sexier and a better top than Topher will ever hope to be.

          But I can say that yes Sean throwing his intelligence around is extremely annoying. I genuinely think he is intelligent, but the problem that he doesn’t realize is that in the gay adult industry, no one gives a flying fuck. Whether it’s in a porn shoot, or go-go dancing at pride, people are not there to want to fuck you for your brains. So he really should tone that down and save it for his college peers.

  31. Go away, far far away. Dude just shut up and get f** out of the Gay Porn. Nobody would reuse your name like ever

  32. If he’s so straight and still wanna do gay porn, why can’t he just close your eyes and top? If Paddy O’Brian can do it, why can’t you? Though I am looking forward to his eventual double penetration scene.

  33. Amen Lolz!

    Zach’s vitriolic hatred for Rocco Reed notwithstanding, I think that Rocco at least gave it his all. We knew he was straight, yet he sucked dick, he kissed, he fucked and he got fucked. That’s why I think that he was a diligent performer. It would, of course, be delusional of us to expect him to suddenly declare that he was gay. But I hope we are all rational enough to realize that porn is fantasy and that it is not real life.

    As for Cody Cummings… my considered response is “who?????????”

    1. Good riddance to bad rubbish!!! And I agree with the positive notes concerning Rocco. I believe he did all he needed to do to please gay porn fans. He was hot in straight porn, and he was hot in gay porn. You doubters can suck it!!! Pun intended.

  34. I would like to take the opportunity to thank Rocco Reed for his effort and bringing down the Cody Cummings marketing machine.

    No longer can straight men say they cannot bottom or do any of the things required for gay porn! Those days are LOOOOOOOOOOONG GONE!

    And Miss Diva Cummings wasn’t having it…at all. His response to the suggestion…uh more “bi” scenes with women!?!

    That lawyer won’t do hell of a lot of good. By the time you get the Cody brand name back from a protracted legal process, your brand will either tarnished or forgotten by most. You don’t have the resources and time.


    He is dunzo.

    And good riddance. Maybe he can end up doing personal training or working at a auto shop.

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