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Does Colt Rivers Have The Most Talented Hole Of Them All?

The round golden cakes of Colt Rivers have caused many a man to bust before it’s time. Sebastian Kross demonstrated real staying power today. But Colt sure made him sweat for it.

“About Last Night” from Falcon is the story of a gay bachelor party that goes off the rails. It could have just as easily been called “About The Hottest Fuckers On The Planet. First, it was Topher DiMaggio and Ryan Rose, a Falcon Studios Group (FSG) exclusive. Then Alex Mecum and Jacob Peterson.

Today, the luscious rear assets of Colt Rivers become the souvenir FSG exclusive Sebastian Kross hates to leave in Vegas.

colt rivers sebastian kross falconLocked out of the club, Sebastian hauled out his dick and is taking a piss in the alley when Colt happened to be walking by. He took one look at that pretty meat, one look at Sebastian, and knew what he needed immediately. Together they made a beeline back to Colt’s place. Doesn’t it figure he lives right on “The Strip”|

colt rivers sebastian kross falconWhile his ass may be off limits, when it comes to chowing down on a beautiful hole, Sebastian’s appetite for eating a prime are as unrelenting as his skills doing so. Is he too young to be called the Dean of Rimming?

colt rivers sebastian kross falconWe saw in Colt’s dirty home movies; he fucks like a porn star even off screen. And when he gets the full studio and the full Sebastian Kross treatments, damn. Just look at that.

colt rivers sebastian kross falconEventually, they rub their spent, slick cocks together and collapse. With two heavy loads, err, semen-ting them together, prying themselves apart in the morning could not have been an easy task. But not to worry. Clearly, these two prefer doing everything the hard way.

[Continue with Colt & Sebastian in “About Last Night” scene three]

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