Colton Reece, Joey Mills

Colton Reece Makes His ‘Accidental’ Debut

Remember earlier this year when Austin Wolf signed as a exclusive, soon making his debut fucking Skyy Knox in a hot scene? We never saw that surprise coming—and now has another famous star making an unexpected debut.

Ever since Colton Reece made his debut in 2019 in the Falcon hit The Pledge, we’ve seen him as an exclusive in Falcon | NakedSword projects, like the award-winning Men’s Briefs project, the amazing Tales From the Locker Room 2 threeway, and the mega-hit A Murdered Heart. Along the way, we started to see him dabble with his fan site content—including his unforgettable bottoming for Rhyheim Shabazz on Now the hung stud makes his first scene ever for a major studio away from the Falcon family.

Colton Reece Colton Reece, Joey Mills

Colton Reece, Joey Mills Colton Reece, Joey Mills

In “Accidental Pornstar,” our tired hero mistakenly wanders onto a porn set (cause that’s possible!) and takes a nap on set. But then he’s woken up by a camera crew and performer Joey Mills, all ready to film a scene. Colton somehow makes it through his lines, and is so excited at the though of topping Joey he can’t bring himself to tell them the truth (sounds about right for…).

Colton Reece, Joey Mills Colton Reece, Joey Mills

Colton Reece, Joey Mills Colton Reece, Joey Mills

Joey is soon getting his holes stretched, slurping on Colton’s big dick before offering up his hole. The setup here is so silly, but once the sex starts it’s pretty damn hot—especially because we get to see Colton go all alpha on Joey, fucking his face or pinning him to the bed with his thick dick (Colton’s body looks so damn hot, especially in this position). I love seeing Joey put in his place, and Colton makes him squirt twice, then dumps a hot load on the bottom’s whore mouth.

What do you think of Colton’s debut?

See the full scene at! (The studio just sent this clip as a trailer, but it’s kinda hot…)

10 thoughts on “Colton Reece Makes His ‘Accidental’ Debut”

  1. Word on the street is falcon was over Colton’s ignorant conservative views and finally gave him the boot. Hence why he went crawling to

    1. IDK if it was bc of his conservative views, but maybe bc he would not bottom. Makes me wonder why he bottomed for Ryheim on JustforFans? As for Falcon, they’re basically an all White male performer studio. Most of their non white performers are tokens.

  2. I want to see Colton bottom sober. He bottomed for Ryheim Shabaz, but he looked high on poppers or something else. Only his yelling and moaning seemed more like an act as if he didn’t like it.

    1. If he does bottom again, it would be hot if either one of these actors did him in a flip flop scene: Trystan Hunter or Jayden Marcos. Maybe even both in a 3some called, “The Tops Come Down” A High School Buddies Reunion.

      It would be about how 3 buddies who changed from wild pussy hounds to bisexual horn dawgs. After their HS Reunion, they meet up at a hotel room one of them had reserved.

        1. Trystan is a dirty blond where as both Colton and Jayden are dark haired. So he would complement them. They’re all hung or bigger than average.

          1. I think you’re thinking about another Tristan. Tristan Hunter has dark brown almost black hair.

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