Carter Woods, Ryder Owens

Cowboys Carter Woods & Ryder Owens Make Steamy Next Door Films Debut

After rolling my eyes at the Porta Potty prank porn scene we recently got from, I needed an antidote to restore my faith in the state of gay porn today. Enter Next Door Films and this beautiful cowboy romance to the rescue.

This is what I want my gay porn to be like: A passionate, intense featurette that slowly builds during its 50+ minute run time, with two hot dudes finally exploding in a scene where everyone takes the material seriously. I love when we get to see new faces show off their acting chops in the burgeoning Next Door Films line, and in the sixth release from the new line we get to see handsome Carter Woods and Ryder Owens show us a new side of themselves (and looking damn sexy in those flannel shirts and cowboy hats!).

Carter Woods, Ryder Owens Carter Woods, Ryder Owens

Carter Woods, Ryder Owens Carter Woods, Ryder Owens

That Summer” finds college student Ryder (does this guy have the hottest nipples or what?!) headed to a secluded ranch for some summer work. That’s where he finds widowed cowboy Carter, who does a pretty good southern accent (“It was great to fit into a role that felt a little closer to home,” the performer noted). The two slowly get to know each other, with big city boy Ryder getting a taste of slower country life (before he gets a taste of cock!) as the two bond over the experience and get to know each other.

Carter Woods, Ryder Owens Carter Woods, Ryder Owens

Carter Woods, Ryder Owens Carter Woods, Ryder Owens

Their passion finally explodes and Carter offers his jock hole (yeah, I wish it was a flip fuck, too…and I’m not sure why this had to take place on a kitchen counter with all of those great outdoor locations they could have picked!). These two bods look beautiful together. Next Door Executive Producer Jeremy Babcock had the idea and utilized writer Dalton King to bring it to life the story inspired by a country song of the same name (“I guess you can say this film is my way of having some gay fun with my Montana roots,” noted Jeremy).

Keep this kind of porn coming! Do you this longer story-based porn?

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!


6 thoughts on “Cowboys Carter Woods & Ryder Owens Make Steamy Next Door Films Debut”

  1. Love NDS’s films (anything from that studio in my opinion 100%, have they made some stinkers in the past of course but again that’s my opinion), I really can’t wait for what else they are gonna put out with that section.

  2. Ryder is so bloody HOT and Carter always has been a favorite.
    I do love the story and do enjoy a build up in Porn to the sex scenes

  3. Carter is hot! I don’t mean to be a downer but whatever happened to gay porn when there was a bit of a story then hot fucking. Watch achick flick if you want romance!

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