Sharok Gives Details On Recent Runway Protest At Paris Fashion Week

If you follow Sharok on any of his social platforms, then you know how outspoken this porn star is about social issues and there’s also a good chance that you’ve already seen the “unsanctioned protest” this performer made on the LGN Louis-Gabriel Nouchi runway during Paris Fashion Week last week.

During the show, Sharok, who was a model for the January 18 event, took to the catwalk while holding up a sign that read “STOP EXECUTIONS IN IRAN.” According to the star, this move was entirely his own idea and designer Louis-Gabriel Nouchi wasn’t made aware of the message beforehand.

“He actually had no idea I was going to do that. I specifically wanted to do the show so that it would give me that kind of platform to do it. That sounds a bit shady, but… it worked,” revealed Sharok to “I haven’t spoken to him about it since but he had no idea I was going to do that.”

Sharok says that his original statement during the show was going to be unbuttoning his shirt “to the point where you can see my tattoo that says ‘Women. Life. Freedom.'” At the last second though, he decided to grab the sign that was in his bag and take it with him on the runway. Sharok’s sign has since been shared by outlets like Vogue Italia and Vogue Poland.

“It’s been great. It achieved the goal that I wanted which was to go viral,” said the star. “A lot of the Iranian news online posted it but of course they haven’t tagged me because of the whole porn thing. Which is fine, because I don’t really care, but it does kind of annoy me that even within my own community there’s still a stigma when it comes to homosexuality, porn, and sex work.

When asked to give some backstory of the message he was trying to spread with his now-viral sign, Sharok said that he wanted to bring awareness to the revolution in Iran that was “started by women” and has since “filtered down to every demographic within Iran.”

“People are tired of living under a religious theocracy and they want change,” said Sharok. “It’s been 43 years of this dictatorship. One of the biggest things people can do is post online and talk about it because a lot of the internet is being cut off or monitored there. So us bringing awareness to it is really our job as Iranians living outside of Iran.”

As for his future with the world of fashion, Sharok closed out the interview by saying that “after this stunt I pulled”, he doesn’t know if he’ll be invited back to Paris Fashion Week, but since this was his first-ever runway experience and he wasn’t getting paid, he had “nothing to lose” by pulling out the sign.

“I would have felt stupid and not right to have walked and not made a statement with everything going on right now. For me to be so self-indulgent and attention-seeking to walk in a fashion show without saying anything would have gone against everything I’ve been talking about for the past few months.”

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  2. As someone who promotes abusive behaviors toward young kids in his sex videos, how are we supposed to take Sharok’s human rights demonstration seriously in some Paris fashion show?? If he sincerely supports human rights, he should start by cleaning up his act in his videos that depict sexual violence and child abuse. The hypocrisy is appalling.

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