Damian Night, Drake Von

Damian Night Just Wants to Study, Dammit!

If you were trying to hook up with a dude that was more interested in studying for an exam that playing with your big dick, wouldn’t you be a little…offended? Thankfully, Drake Von keeps persisting, and it eventually pays off.

Look, I know…this scene is stuffed with so many of the Men.com tropes that drive me insane, like fake cum, distracted protagonists, and an overall silly tone. But on the bright side, there are no women, and there is also actual real cum. And when you have Damian Night, who cares? His presence insures and automatic fantastic scene, period. This man trumps all else, and Drake’s big dick is pretty fucking spectacular, too. Which brings me to the part of this post where we get to drool over glamour shots of these guys…

Damian Night Damian Night

Damian Night Damian Night

Drake Von

After making us hard for years as Roman at Corbin Fisher, the newly named Damian is now appearing in his third scene at Men.com, following a silly but sexy Xmas romp with Jake Preston, and a hot locker room encounter with Johnny Donovan. Here, he plays a studious jock—and even in a bulky sweatshirt, he’s still sexy AF. Horny bud Drake and his big dick want to distract the hunk, and it finally pays off…to a degree.

Damian Night, Drake Von Damian Night, Drake Von

Damian Night, Drake Von Damian Night, Drake Von

Damian Night, Drake Von

The two swap sucks and Damian gets pounded by the big cock, although still manages to find time to study while doing the dirty deed. And unfortunately he has his sweatshirt and jeans on for far too long (why do you want to keep clothes on this man, Men.com?!). But he finally gets fully naked and looks stunning as usual, especially when he’s sitting down on Drake and stroking a hot load out onto the top’s stomach.

Have you ever been more interested in books than cocks?

See the full scene at Men.com!


3 thoughts on “Damian Night Just Wants to Study, Dammit!”

  1. Damn! Looks like Drake is getting more studio work than brother Silas. Maybe he got some super sperm when he slept with his twin’s boyfriend, behind his back

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