Damian Night, Jake Preston

Roman Holiday: Brighten Your Christmas with 2 Hot Stocking Stuffers

This Christmas, I’m going to choose love. And that means I’m going to try and overlook the annoyances that Men.com throws our way and instead focus on the positives in their Christmas scene this year (thankfully, there’s a lot to love here).

First off, yes…that is Corbin Fisher’s Roman, marking just the second time ever that he has filmed a scene for another studio (the first being his 2019 debut at Sean Cody, when he went by Noah). Here, he’s credited as Damian Night, and frankly I could look at pics of him in Christmas PJs or his underwear all day long. I mean, Jesus…would you look at this man?!

Damian Night Damian Night

Damian Night Damian Night, Jake Preston

That alone is reason to rejoice. Another is his scene mate, newcomer Jake Preston. Jake made his debut back in August fucking Troye Dean in a tent, then followed it up by topping Joey Mills. But his third studio scene is the best (and oh yeah, he has a hot big cock). The two look so fucking cute in their flannel onesies, especially whey pitch a tent in them.

Damian Night, Jake Preston

Damian Night, Jake Preston

Damian Night, Jake Preston Damian Night, Jake Preston

I find the whole Christmas colors and decorations—and the accompanying warm lighting—to be perfectly suited to porn, and the visuals here all around are spot on. Except for the moments with Damian’s “parents” intruding, introducing the silly and doing their best to ruin an otherwise hot pairing (why, Men.com?! Why must you play these games?!).

Damian Night, Jake Preston

Damian Night, Jake Preston Damian Night, Jake Preston

Sorry, I got sidetracked by the negative. Instead, focus on how hot Jake’s cock is, and how gorgeous Damian looks sucking and riding it. This man is so fucking handsome, and the visual of his toned, tight and sweaty body bouncing up and down on Jake’s dick (and of Jake sucking him) are just stunning. I hope we get to see Roman/Damian branch out at even more studios soon. So, despite Men.com’s best efforts to derail a good thing, this time they fail: Damian face fucking Jake, that hot spoon fuck with them kissing, Damian’s abs tight as fuck as he gets pounded on his back while stroking his own hard cock…this holiday scene truly is a gift.

See the full scene at Men.com!


4 thoughts on “Roman Holiday: Brighten Your Christmas with 2 Hot Stocking Stuffers”

  1. This was really a hot scene. At first, I didn’t put two and two together on Roman, probably because I’m more used to him being a power top… and this scene makes him look like a total bottom hehe. But he’s still ultra hot and Jake’s cock sliding in and out of him is a wonder to behold. I totally dug the scene, and I don’t mind the parents. It adds to the story. And it’s kinda hilarious. :).

    1. Here we go with the fat enabling social justice warrior defending the use of cis straight women as comic foils in gay porn

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