Dear Dominic Ford: Stop.


Dominic, please stop.

Stop using music in your trailers.

Just stop.

No more dubstep.

No more music at all.

Your movies over the past month have been among the hottest movies you’ve ever made. They didn’t need music. They didn’t need dubstep.

And today, your new hot movie does not need classical music. (But if there were a gun to my head, I’d pick classical over dubstep.)


[Dominic Ford: Topher DiMaggio Fucks Joey Cooper]


13 thoughts on “Dear Dominic Ford: Stop.”

  1. It’s always tricky to do something. There’ll always be negative comments not being fond of the music, the set, the models, the edit, the make up, the story, the camera angles, the positions, the lightning, etc.

    1. Nope. The Brahms concerto is in D major, and that ain’t it. I’ve played the Brahms more times than I care to count.

      The composer is not springing to mind right away, but at least DomFo had the sense to pick a recording of the piece that’s in the public domain so there’s no danger of a lawsuit. One thing porn these days doesn’t need is more litigation.

      As to the more important point, that is some hot as up in there. The color correction is wonky, though. Looks like one of the hatchet coloration jobs Ted Turner did to one of the old MGM films he bought back in the day. All the highlights are muted and everything looks like it’s covered in a thin veneer of slightly moist desert sand.

    1. holy shit u read my mind! and the music just makes this CREEPY. sounds like a scene from ‘american psycho’ or something

  2. No doubt these guys are in great shape n good looking..unfortunately those attributes are a dime a dozen…no chemistry…just boring…what a shame!

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