Did Bel Ami’s Kevin Warhol Just Fuck Colby Keller For CockyBoys?

I know my Kevin, and I’m certain this is Kevin.

Last week, Fleshbot posted photos asking people to “guess” the man fucking Colby Keller. I guess Kevin Warhol. Here is why:

1. CockyBoys already announced that people from Bel Ami were in NYC visiting, which means it has to be a Bel Ami model fucking Colby Keller.

2. The Bel Ami model above who is fucking Colby Keller is blond, meaning it’s either Dolph Lambert, Jack Harrer, or Kevin Warhol.

3. The Bel Ami model above who is fucking Colby Keller is too short and too thin to be Dolph Lambert, so it’s either Jack Harrer or Kevin Warhol.

4. The Bel Ami model above who is fucking Colby Keller has an ass that looks exactly like Kevin Warhol’s, legs that look exactly like Kevin Warhol’s, feet(!) that look exactly like Kevin Warhol’s, and even arms that look exactly like Kevin Warhol’s.

5. The Bel Ami model who fucked Colby Keller for CockyBoys is Bel Ami’s Kevin Warhol. (And even if he didn’t, just the idea of Kevin Warhol fucking Colby Keller is worth thinking about. And thinking about. And thinking about…)

[Fleshbot; CockyBoys; Bel Ami]


Don’t forget, this isn’t the first time CockyBoys and Bel Ami have shared Kevin Warhol. Here’s Max Ryder with Kevin Warhol and Jack Harrer:

[Bel Ami]

11 thoughts on “Did Bel Ami’s Kevin Warhol Just Fuck Colby Keller For CockyBoys?”

  1. Well, that’s our little Kevin the Wildkitten of course, Kinkiest of Angels!
    Look at his hands,first of all. At his pose then, at his legs – the very best legs in BelAmi history. And by the way I know this T-shirt too well, that’s one of his favorites! ;)

  2. This is not Kevin, because Kevin has a tattoo on his leg.
    And in the photograph their is not tattoo on the leg.

  3. I would have guessed Kevin too. After Mick Lovell, Kevin is my favorite Bel Ami performer and he has been changing up his bottom status to Top lately. Kevin and Colby would make an epic pairing, I especially like the notion of the bigger buy being the bottom. You don’t see it often and it’s so hot!

  4. The red dot with the question mark is suspiciously low. It’s almost like they’re trying to hide a neck tattoo or something.

  5. Straightforward Isn't Cryptic, Dumb Ass!

    I’m more a Kelly Basquiat, Thor Dali, Jsun Pollock or Topher Lichtenstein fan myself.

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