diego sans fucks dylan knight

Today In “Porn Stars Are People Too:” The Crush

“I’m usually the one with the crush on another model. I’m actually really excited about it. I didn’t know I had a fan that’s in porn.” ~Diego Sans

It’s a common misconception: gay porn stars have all they sex they want with any guys they desire. In reality, that’s like saying a chef gets his appetite totally satiated at work and never has cravings for something different once they punch out.

Truth is, they get horny, watch videos, and sometimes think, “I want me some of that” just like the rest of us. That’s exactly what Dylan Knight thought watching Diego Sans in action. Today in “Porn Crush” from Men.com, Diego Sans becomes a Knight rider.

diego sans fucks dylan knight
Once again, that magic between director Mark MacNamara and Diego Sans translates with very high production values and produces a new position or two. Today’s addition is the “flying buttress rim job” you see above. What you see below is what happens when your porn crush becomes an even hotter fuck in reality.

diego sans fucks dylan knight
“I’ve never met him in person,” Diego says. “He has an incredible ass. He’s a great bottom. I can’t wait to fuck him.”

diego sans fucks dylan knight
“I’d be very into it if he could cum while riding me.” Mission accomplished.

diego sans fucks dylan knight
Dylan had something on his “fuck it” list as well. He’s seen Diego Sans’ epic facials. “Give me that load,” wasn’t a suggestion. And of course, Diego crushed it.

[Watch Dylan Knight & Diego Sans in “Porn Crush” at Men.com]

Who is your porn star crush?

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