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[UPDATED] “Yeah, You. What The Fuck Are You Doing Rubbing Your Dick?”

[UPDATED] The Bronx Perv has company. He may be the one who got caught, but these guys actually have a lot more to show for themselves.

Well guys, as we reported last week (see original post below), the serial jacker — aka The Bronz Perv — was finally nabbed in New York City. Seems some guys can’t help themselves.

Over the past few days, I received some tips with clips from some horny men who were a lot bolder than the Bronz Perv. Thank you to those who sent me their favorites. Time to share the wealth:

A dick like this deserves production values.



Don’t you hate when you fall asleep and pop a raging boner.



This poor guy was so horny, he just couldn’t help but help himself.



One guy couldn’t keep his big dick in his pants. The other couldn’t keep it out of his mouth.

These guys have an exhibitionist streak that can’t be contained and we’re not complaining. For others, all they need is the right guy with a camera to help them put on a show whether they knew they were starring in one, or not.

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And the Bronx Perv has a name too, Kevin Cuffe, 23. Cuffe has been arrested in connection with that incident and a similar one in December of 2015. We first reported about Cuffe’s exploits on The Stall Wall last week. There’s an important update: he’s been busted again. The NYDailyNews covered it this morning:


Kevin Cuffe, 23, of the Bronx, was busted days after Deanna Carter snapped video of him on Aug. 15, and berated him for allegedly touching himself on the Bronx-bound No. 2 train at 34th St.-Penn Station, police sources said.

Carter posted a two-minute clip on Facebook, though the footage doesn’t capture the alleged masturbation.

Below is the video she posted. She really let him have a piece of her mind. As attn reported, “the video has been viewed more than 680,000 times and it has received nearly 17,000 shares.”

“What the fuck are you doing?” Carter said. “You want to do that freaky shit, you do that freaky shit off the mother fucking train.”

He was also charged for a similar crime on Dec. 16, when authorities say he pleasured himself under his pants, with a bag on his lap, for about 35 minutes while he watched women on a southbound No. 2 train. Police said he was caught on video in that incident as well.

Of course, not everyone minds getting a free show on the metro.


And some find a less crowded subway car enhances their personal expression.

But perhaps the real issue here is that when it comes to getting off …
… it’s running a train that will get you there even faster than jacking on one. It sure worked for NakedSword exclusive Mickey Taylor when he was the caboose for Falcon Studios Group exclusive Sebastian Kross and Bray Love in the finale of “Hooker Stories 3” from NakedSword Originals

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