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Rikk York’s Hairy Ass Says “Te Amo” To Diego Sans’ Fat Dick

“Te Amo” means “I Love You.” “Adios” means goodbye. And like Diego’s cock in Rikk’s hole, they both have their time and place today.

The directorial magic between Marc MacNamara and Diego Sans is once again on lush display in “Te Amo”, brand new today at Men.com. That always means we’ll see something new and wonder both who thought that up and why it hasn’t been filmed before. The short answer is I am sure Diego and Marc will get there eventually. And with the help of Rikk York, they sure got there today.

Even better, they’re taking us all along for Rikk’s ride.

diego sans fucks rikk yorkEven though the “no deliveries in that rear” sign is still out, few sights in GayPornLand make a lightening bolt right to the crotch like Diego Sans on all-fours with that glorious ass on display for all to pre-cum over. Fortunately, we usually get a view of the backfield in motion. Today included. And seeing his handsome face get up close and personal to another hairy hole ain’t a bad consolation prize either.

diego sans fucks rikk yorkOne of the hallmarks of a Sans-MacNamara collaboration is brand new positions. Like the “flying buttress rim job” with Dylan Knight last time. Get ready for a bonus round of them today. As we saw in the crazy number horse-dicked Rafael Alencar did on Rikk’s ass during their scene in “International Playboys”, Mr. York is no stranger to being fucked while his body is turned into a pretzel. Today, he’s equal parts co-star and magician’s assistant.

diego sans fucks rikk yorkIt’s not just Rikk’s ability to take it, it’s also Diego’s ability to keep right on fucking while he becomes a sexy pretzel himself. Like this segment of a 360° anal invasion.

diego sans fucks rikk yorkThe results of all of that maneuvering has Rikk covering his hairy chest with a heavy dose of the white stuff. And fans of those always magical Diego Sans cum-shots will be relieved to know it will be a good time for them to be empty handed. But they won’t be empty-handed for long.

[Watch Rikk York & Diego Sans in “Te Amo” at Men.com]

Speaking of long. Or rather, what used to be long, Diego said “adios” to his trademark tresses

As long as clippers don’t get any closer to the rest of his fur. Samson can visit Delilah as often as he likes.

What say you? How do you like Diego’s new do?

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