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Eric Paul Leue & the FSC Take Our Battle Public

Eric Paul Leue’s advocacy for reproductive and sexual health and freedom began long before his tenure at the Free Speech Coalition. Recently profiled by Los Angeles Daily News, Leue explains how the biggest battles lay ahead.

Mandatory condoms in porn. Michael Weinstein and the AHF say it’s the only way. Eric Paul Leue and the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) say the opposite. Sunday, the Los Angeles Daily News delineated the battle lines for the mainstream so they can speak with their vote and not just their fears.

Eric Paul Leue fsc
Eric Paul Leue & The Sword founder Mike Stabile at the CalOsha hearing in February
As the article points out, as the director of the FSC, “Leue leads an organization that protects a multibillion-dollar industry vilified yet idolized in popular culture.” Leue’s tenacity at the FSC and his advocacy at the Cal/OHSA hearings have been well documented here at The Sword.

The interview not only gives Joan & John Q. California insight before they go the polls this November, but they break down what is at stake in a clarity we all can learning something from.

Leue, 29, was born and raised in Germany and traveled to Los Angeles in 2010. He fell in love with the city the minute the plane landed, and he decided then and there “to do something important in my life.”

Eric Paul Leue fsc
“PrEP School” from
Q: People might say Eric, isn’t your work parallel with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation? How would you explain to the public that you’re different?

A: A very easy comparison to make is if we look at the Republicans’ value to reproduction rights and the Democratic values to reproductive rights. The Republicans try to say you are inept to make choices for yourself, and so we’re going to tell you what to do and can’t do, and we will take complete control over your rights and your bodies, whereas the Democrats, say here are all your different choices and you should be allowed to make your own choices because it’s your body and you’re supposed to take agency over your own body. We will give you the explanation, the knowledge, the understanding and tools to look after yourself the best way possible. We’re all about agency over one’s own body, choices, letting people be responsible adults and also knowing what’s good for them and what’s not for them. I always see myself more as the Bernie or the Hillary, and Michael Weinstein as the Trump or Cruz.

IEric Paul Leue fsc
In addition to :my hero.” Eric is also known by another title, Mr. Los Angeles Leather 2014,
Q; A measure will appear on the November ballot that asks California voters to pass a law that condoms should be used on all adult film sets across the Golden State. Why does the Free Speech Coalition object to what’s being portrayed as worker safety?

A: Most people look at the state ballot initiative and say this is about worker safety. The problem is it’s not about worker safety. It’s not about sexual health. It is not about protecting people from something. This is completely about harassing workers. We need to stop pushing an industry that is legal and safe out of this state. We see this as a repetitive conversation. We’re launching a PAC, and we’re going to oppose this. Harassing workers, no matter if we agree with the job or not, is never the right thing.

Eric Paul Leue fsc
Industry legend Nina Hartley speaking on behalf of the FSC
Industry legend Nina Hartley speaking on behalf of the FSC[/caption]

Q: What would you like to tell people about the FSC or your goals for this industry?

A: Nothing is more valuable than a dire conversation and that’s really what FSC is really here for. We want people to understand that our industry takes itself and the well-being of workers as incredibly important and serious. We’re not the 1970s Netflix interpretation of what the adult-film industry is. We have accountants and HR workers and distributors. I just want us to move away from judging others just as we were all told not to judge a book from its cover. Just because something is not what I want to do, who am I to tell somebody else not to be allowed to do that. Not everybody has to be part of the leather community, but I have the right to be part of the leather community. Who are you to tell me I’m not.

More questions, answers, and background on Leue that can be found on the well written, easy to ready to read complete article and interview.

All elections have consequences in far-reaching ways. This one more than most. As Eric Paul Leue and the FSC keeping fighting for us, The Sword will you abreast of the latest. Watch this blog!

4 thoughts on “Eric Paul Leue & the FSC Take Our Battle Public”

  1. I disagree with this lee gut porn stars are getting HIV due to unprotected sex. Condom use should be mandatory or gtfo of California! These studios take advantage of young gay men coming into the porn industry then spit them out. Using condoms is the only way to go. The state is also thinking about half care costs as well. Porn has a lot of power in pop culture too people including gays are influenced by porn. Condom use in porn might encourage people to practice safer sex.

    1. He’s in the pocket of the porn industry. As the article points out, it is a multi-billion dollar industry. And this guy is their lackey.

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