Carter Woods, Damien Cruz

Ever Fuck While You’re On the Phone?

Look, I know we all get tired of the gay porn scenarios that produce all these stills with performers making the “Shh!” symbol to each other (I’m looking at you,!), but I’m gonna cut Next Door some slack cause I’m in love with Carter Woods.

In his new scene, he has to balance the advances of Damien Cruz with an important job interview call that he suddenly has to take. And that begs a question to all of our lovely horndog Sword readers: Have you ever fucked around while you were on the phone with an unknowing party on the other end of the line? (Or even worse, accidentally showed your junk on a Zoom call, ala Jeffrey Toobin?)

Carter Woods, Damien Cruz Carter Woods, Damien Cruz

Maybe your boyfriend started blowing you when you were on a virtual meeting? Or your husband sat on your dick while you were on a work call? I’m not nearly that daring (plus, I’m too scared of losing my job), but it sure is fun to see Carter and Damien navigate the scenario, which starts with Damien getting a taste of Carter’s jock cock.

Carter Woods, Damien Cruz Carter Woods, Damien Cruz

As the scene progresses, you get cute (annoying?) dialogue like “Any slot or hole that they needed to be filled, I was the first one there!”, but you also get to see Damien get his mouth stuffed with the top’s jockstrap (which I highly approve of). Damien shows off his skills as he backs up on Carter’s cock during the doggy position, and jacks of his own rock-hard cock as he sits down on the top (where we also get a great look at Carter’s big sac).

Carter Woods, Damien Cruz

Have you ever found yourself in a similar predicament? Did you make it through undetected?

See the full scene at Next Door Studios!


3 thoughts on “Ever Fuck While You’re On the Phone?”

  1. I haven’t fucked but I did rim my ex while he was on the phone with his mother. He finally had to cut the call short.

  2. I have done that, sometimes when the person on the phone is not aware of what I am doing and a few times when the person on the phone wanted to participate verbally in our love making!

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