Exclusive: These Leaked Sebastian Young Cell Phone Pics Are The Last Sebastian Young Pics You’ll Probably Ever See

An anonymous source just sent me a folder of photos from Sebastian Young’s cell phone, writing, “If you wanted any, here are some random pics of Mr. Young.” Well, OK.

Thanks to his felony arrest last weekend for aggravated battery after allegedly beating his wife, Sebastian Young now faces up to 15 years in state prison, which means these are the last nude photos we’re likely to ever see of the tattooed bad boy.

The mostly self-taken shots were snapped in and around Sebastian Young’s Florida home (note the baby gate in the background of some of the pics), and at the risk of sounding crass, I have to admit that, yes, I’d still hit it. Here’s hoping Sebastian keeps up a good workout routine while he’s behind bars so he can look as good as this when he gets out.

Until then, goodbye forever, Sebastian Young! (Unless your wife drops the charges.)


29 thoughts on “Exclusive: These Leaked Sebastian Young Cell Phone Pics Are The Last Sebastian Young Pics You’ll Probably Ever See”

  1. does anyone know if he is in jail? And where did it happen in Fl or somewhere else? I have talked to him a couple of times and he seems like a kind hearted person. He might just be tired of understood i mean maybe he likes guys more then his wife and he finally sanped at her. (not saying thats good whatever he did)

  2. That’s too bad. I like Sebastian. He’s a good person. He just needs help. I’ve tweeted him b4 and he just seems really sensitive, but he agreed with the things I said. A lot of people in the gay community treated him really bad and I think he just wanted you all to like him.

  3. The whole, sorry saga is all a bit sad. He has obviously had so many chances/opportunities to reform and failed to make the most of them.

  4. definitely a butter face. i’d totally hit it. his face looks like the michael meyers mask….am i the only one who sees it?

  5. Leave him alone. FYI those pics are NOT from his phone they were for a co pant tht asked for them for a shoot! So disrespectful. Y’all are all sad excuses for people talking trash about his family at all! Sad to think @thesword gets off on this drama! Fuck off!

  6. oh thats why he hasn’t been on twitter.
    dude needs some anger management training. (although in fairness, it might be a bit too late)

  7. Does anyone else think his face looks like an old lesbian in some of the pics… maybe it’s the earrings or the overly arched eyebrows???

  8. Baby toys in the ground in some twitter pics, the gate… If it’s his house I have a question: What kind of fucking depraved father would be naked to take this pictures in his own home. And allow some shameless one there, with him, to take the photos. What a lack of respect! We could immagine that mom and kid are out at the supermarket or visiting someone but even in this situation it’s a total disrespect with the local were you live and your family. People that have/had parents with the minimum of morals learned about good and bad behavior and would be vexed, disturbed to know that their father do such things. And when mom and kid arrive life goes on … What a whoreshness!Is this the background where those who do porn came from?

  9. Sebastian’s face used to be cute, now unfortunately it’s getting that “white trash” look with sunken cheeks, potch marks and bad skin. Family life must be taking it’s toll on him. What a loser! I feel so bad for his wife and children. She must be a real dumbass with absolutely no self-esteem for sticking with this criminal.

    I think Sebastian’s wife and Reese Rideout’s wife ought to join a support network for pathetic ex-wives of gay 4 pay pornstars. Seems to be a lot of them! Kurt Wild’s wife is probably already a founding member!

    Remember when Kurt went on Tyra and bragged about having 3 kids, a wife, and a bottomless hole? Oh, those were the good old days! I miss Kurt. Come back. Porn needs you more than your wife. And they pay more than that Subway job you had. Plus the mayonnaise tastes better.

  10. In some of his Twitter pics you can see baby toys in the background. It’s a shame he’s a wife beater…probably a child abuser…and just an overall angry individual. He’s been arrested so many times that I’d have a hard time feeling sorry for him if he spends the rest of his life in prison.

  11. I’d totally hit it. No pun intended.

    I’m dying to know how he asked his lady (or whoever took these) if his asshole pictures looked good.. or if they minded taking a few shots of his asshole. LOLing, actually.

  12. I heard he shot some scenes before this latest arrest and I really hope at least one of them was a hot bottoming scene because if not, what a waste. The man is undeniable hot. His performances, however, are not.

  13. For a man that obviously spends a lot of time and energy on looking as good as he looks, I have to wonder why he can’t get his act together with all the other, very important, aspects of his life, like his temper, his marriage and his family.Sebastian, get your priorities straight (no pun intened), dude!

    Rob =)

  14. A wedding ring and spread asscheeks go great together. I have to admit too, I envy his future jail buddies. That hole needs some aggravated battery! And they will have plenty of time for it.

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